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Weird Yoyo

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Ronnie Foster brought me this.

Do you know what this is?  It is a yo-yo. At least, that is what Ronnie told me it was.  It doesn’t look like a yo-yo, there is not string to wind, it doesn’t spin.  It didn’t look like any yo-yo that I had ever seen.  It was not what I expected to find in the bag.  But now that I have played with it for a while I am convinced that as different as it is, it just might be a yo-yo.

Sometimes with God, things don’t look like what we think they should.

Christmas is coming and as I think about the birth of Christ I can’t help but think people must have looked at Jesus the same way that I looked at this thing when I took it out of the bag.  Jesus didn’t look like a king.  What kind of King is born in a stable? 

He wasn’t dressed like a king.  What kind of King is wrapped in strips of cloth?

Even though Jesus didn’t look like a King, he was.  But we have to hang around Him and get to know Him and then we will realize that He is What he said he was. 

As we start to look forward to Christmas, I pray that each of us will see Jesus for what He is and that we get to know Him better.

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