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I brought these rocks with me today.  They aren’t much to look at are they?  But there is something about these rocks that you can’t tell by looking at the outside.  When you crack them open and look at the inside this is what you see.

The Bible tells us that man looks at outward appearance, but God looks on the inside.  You can't always tell what a person is really like by looking at the outside.  Some people may be beautiful on the outside, but they may be very mean, selfish, and hateful on the inside.  Some people may not be very beautiful to look at, but on the inside they are loving, gentle, and kind.

We spend a lot of time making sure we look good on the outside, but what are we doing to make sure we look good on the inside?  The Bible says that it is not what we wear or what our hair looks like but it's what's inside that counts.

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