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Ps 139.14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Take your right hand and hold it out toward me, palm facing me. Turn it toward you and bring it to your face until you can see the lines in you hand.  Now move your hand over slightly so that you can see your thumb. Look at the end of your thumb carefully. See the lines? If you look at the ends of your fingers you will see a lot of little curvy ridges. Fingerprints. Have you ever noticed them before?  I brought a picture of a fingerprint. You can really see the lines. They look kind of like the lines on your fingers, but their not really alike.  Did you know that everyone of us has different fingerprints?  No two persons prints are alike. Everybody’s prints are different.  Each of your fingers are different. Your fingerprints will always be the same even when you are older.

I have a few thoughts about fingerprints:

1. God is certainly a great inventor to have made all these fingerprints different. Every person who ever lived, is living, or will live in the future will have different fingerprints.

2. since we all have been given our own fingerprints, I think that God is telling us that we are special.

Ps 139.14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God made each of us different and for a special purpose, to love Him. 

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