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Names Of God

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Our Father.

If we go back into the old testament we can see that the Israelites did not want to speak of god directly ,they would not use his name because it was holy ,it was dangerous to do so.

The high priest was allowed to address god directly only once throughout the whole year and that was on the day of atonement,the day of yom kippur. it was dangerous to approach god to get to near him. when the high priest went into the holy of holies there are records that show that they attached a rope to him so that if he should be struck down by god they could pull him out from the holy of holies without putting themselves in danger and going in to that place as well.

So they addressed god as jeohvah . They had learnt many new things about god throughout their history so they used jeohvah in many different ways to describe the different qualities of god. Remember when abraham was asked to offer his own son issac as a sacrifice to god as a test of his faith. Remember god provided a ram for the sacrifice. A ram had been caught by its horns in bush. Abraham built an altar and named that place Jehovah jaira that is god is our provider.   

Remember when they were attacked by their enemies the Amakalites and god told Abraham to climb a rock and hold his staff over the battle. We are told that when Abraham held his staff over them they began to overcome the Amelakites but whenever he put his staff down they began to lose .After that victorious battle they gave god a new name they called god Jehovah neseh meaning god is our banner ,god is our staff.

Remember when Gideon and his people were unsuccessful and suffering they sat down to find out why. They came to the conclusion that they were not following God’s ways

obeying gods laws and that’s why they were in that condition that they had no peace. So they called god Jehovah jaira that is god is our peace. There are many other names and from each we learn some new quality of god.

Jehovah rafram that is God is our restoration, God is our healer.

Jehovah makadesh that is god is holy, set aside,  set aside for you and for me.

Jehovah roi that is god is our shepherd.

Jehovah ora that is god is our righteousness.

Jehovah shamai that is god is always present to us.

Here we address God by a new name Abba, papa. It expresses a new relationship to God, etc

When we give god the first place everything falls into its proper place.

The our father never mentions I ,me ,or my but all the way through speaks of our ,we and us .not my father but our father ,not my daily bread but out daily bread ,not forgive me my sins  but forgive us our sins ,Not as I forgive but as we forgive. All the way through it stresses the close relationship we have with each other. 

In this prayer we bring the whole of our lives to God, past, present, and future. We pray for our daily bread i.e. the needs of the present moment, we pray for the forgiveness of our sins that we have committed i.e. the past .We pray that we will not to be led into temptation i.e. the future.

See de mello on prayer, not lord lord but do what I tell you. Prayer is not give me, give me, give me .Prayer is not shouting lord, lord but prayer is the power that opens the door to the lord and allows him to enter in and work in our lives. Real prayer is to do the will of God who is our Father. (Quote not those who say to me Lord who will enter the kingdom but those who the will of our father in heaven)

Prayer does not change god .prayer changes us. If you want to change pray for that is one of the main purposes of prayer. If you want to change then pray day and night and you will change, your life will change. Prayer opens the door to god’s power; it allows god entry into your life. It brings gods power into your life.persistance in prayer declares your faith in God.   

Parable of contrast not a parable of likeness. Jesus gives a parable 

Roof ripping faith ,paralytic lowered down to Jesus through the roof .The blind man Bartameus .Jesus asks him what do you want me to do for you .

The cripple man at the pool .Jesus asks the same question what do you want me to do for is a serious .                  

Stories. Go tie the camel you fool. God cannot be bothered doing for you what you can do for yourself.      

The man whose beard is on fire and says I,m praying for rain.

The dog who won’t come back when its master calls him.

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