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The worst sin is to cause others to sin

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1/ the worst sin are to teach others to sin.

No one goes to heaven by themselves or to hell by themselves (.also signposts)

2/ Always forgive as god always forgives you in Christ.

3/ Uproot trees, Move Mountains all with faith

Strong faith must  see the victory with the eyes of faith.

Examples of David and goliath, three times the size of David, yet David tells him that this day he will defeat him and win the victory. David first saw this victory with his eyes of faith .David saw in his mind not the power and size of goliath  that was so much greater than his but the size and power of his god yahweh who was so much greater than goliath. He first had to see the victory in faith before it would become a reality.

Example of Moses when they came to the Promised Land. remember he sent out twelve men to check out the land before they entered .after ten days they came back saying to Moses we have no chance for the land is populated with giants .they are so much bigger than we are. We are like grasshoppers compared to them. See they had a defeated mentality if before they tried to enter the land .they saw they defeated even before they had started. the result was that they never entered the promised land but entered into the desert for forty years until the defeated vision disappeard.Only two men Joshua and Caleb saw things with the eyes of faith .They came back saying to Moses .lets go Moses,there is no problem ,we are well able to defeat these giants .Again like David they saw their victory first with their eyes of faith they saw not the power and size of the problem but the size and power of their god.

Remember Paul when the boat their were traveling in was destroyed by a storm and swam ashore to the island of Malta .We are told that he was gathering wood for a fire  when a snake bit him on the wrist and wrapped   itself around his wrist. Paul rose up and just shook it off and went on with his task of getting wood to make a fire .When the others saw this they said he must be an evil man for the gods are punishing him for his sins. They sat back and watched Paul expecting his hand to swell up and die .That night they checked on Paul expecting to find him very sick but he was okay no sign of the snake bite. They said to themselves we will check tomorrow surely overnight he will die. The next day they came and found Paul sitting down eating his breakfast in full health. You see Paul had a promise from the lord that he was to witness to the lord Jesus in Rome. You see like David, Joshua and Caleb he remembered the promise of god .all through the storm, through the snake bite incident he could have become discouraged and asked why these things were happening .but Paul saw things with the eyes of faith .he saw himself witnessing to Jesus in Rome. He saw not the power and size of his problem but the size and power of his god to pull him through. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for your are there with your crook and your staff with these you give me comfort.

4/ When the lives of these great men and women of the bible were over  they didn’t sit down and think what great things they had achieved .How much they had done for god .How god was in their debt for all they had done for him. No they sat down at the end of their lives and marveled not at what they had done but what god had done through them. They marveled at the size and greatness of god and what he had achieved through them. At the end of their lives they said we are only unworthy servants of the high God. We have only done our duty. At the end of this gospel today Jesus wants the apostles to understand that it is not by their own power and greatness that they had overcome.No matter what do for god you can never put god un your debt.We cannot put god in our debt.For god has done  much for and is still doing so much more for us than we could ever do for Him .

Remember may be possible to fufil the claims of the law but it is impossible to fufil the claims of love.            

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