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June 25

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June 25


Signs of the Times


We are told that all military situations are met with three steps.  First, analyze the situation.  Second, type up your situation report.  Third, start shooting.  Rumor has it that General Custer was found slumped over his typewriter.

Some decisions just won't wait.  Here Jesus presents just such a decision to the people of his time.

The crowd

It's important to see that this remark is not addressed to the Pharisees.  It's unusual in that Jesus calls the crowd, "hypocrites."  The word is usually reserved for the religious leaders of his day.  We can conclude, therefore, that the interpretation of the signs before them must have been pretty obvious, if they were called hypocrites for ignoring them.

What signs would those be?  Jesus gives us two categories:

·        Interpreting the time.  The events that were going on were pretty obvious.  We live in such a time now;  abortion, homosexuality, adultery, corruption—and a world which proclaims these things as virtues.

·        Judging what is right.  Even if the times escape you, surely you can see right from wrong.  Examine the man Jesus, and tell me what you see.

Immediate decision required

Sometimes the immediate decision is not an option.  You would make such a decision with regard to your money  if need be:  indeed, you would have no trouble deciding when to take an umbrella.  How, then, is it that you put off the decision of whether or not you will follow Christ with your whole heart?  Your money, even the weather, would cause you to decide.  You do not know the hour of your death, and yet you are sure you have plenty of time to make up your mind.  Perhaps General Custer did too.  He wasn't expecting that many Indians.

God's judgment is final.  It is made upon the basis of your life in the here and now.  In particular, all depends upon your commitment to Christ.  Can you see the signs of the time?  Do they really say, "peace and safety?"  Or do they say that judgment is coming.   Can you discern right from wrong?  Do you think that God is such a fool that he cannot?  Then draw the right conclusions!

The day will come when there will be no more time—either by death or Christ's return.  Will you be ready?  Are you ready now?

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