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Story with Peyton Manning
One of the worst things a Christian (or non-Christian for that matter) can do, is believe to highly of themselves. We have this example in Who by his nature did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but He took the form of a servant. This also points to which says that the son of Man came to serve not to be served. Time and time again Jesus points out the downfall of pride and to the importance of Humility.
Matthew writes about a story that is also recorded in Luke and Mark about a rich young ruler. This story has radically changed me and it actually has very little to do about money in and of itself and more about God’s amazing Grace. Let’s read this story together
Read story of

1. What Can I do in order to get something.

This is works based faith. Look again at verse 16.
It has always been about the rich young ruler. Something sparked his interest, but he has always been served. Jesus says serve others and then you recieve joy.
How many times do we approach Jesus with this attitude? What can you do for me? All about me and who I am

2. You cannot be good enough.

Lets read 17-20 again
Our definition of Good is way different than that of Jesus. This ruler though he could be good enough but as we will see later it isnt possible.
example of how I love baseball but i simply cannot pitch. I do not have what it takes.

3. Jesus is taking us from what we can do to what He did.

There is a platform which will you stand on
examples families education

4. Jesus is not satisfied with second place.

Look at 21-22
Jesus knows whatever is in your heart that takes the place of where He should be.
You will never truly be happy until you make Jesus Lord of everything and move everything else out of the way,.
This is not just about money folks. sports etc.
Jesus is most magnified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. - Piper

5. Pleasing God is impossible, without God.

Look at 23-26
On one side this is super depressing news.
The greatest enemy for some people are themselves . Satan just takes aback seat and people will die without Jesus because of their pride and love of self. It is impossible to please God and love him but love yourself.

6. Christ offers Grace to those who throw their lives away for Him.

look at 27-29
This is the good news.

7. Many will be fooled, dont be one of them.

look at 30
this is more than money it is actually much harder


Do you think you’re good enough?
Is Jesus first?
Are you satisfied in Christ?
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