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He Strengthened Me

2 Timothy: Fan The Flame  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  28:19
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2Ti 4:9-22. Tony van Drimmelen. In these closing words of his last letter Paul lets Timothy (and us) see his normal human needs. Paul certainly believed that even if he was left for dead, God was still with him. However, he would not have thought that his situation was ideal. The Christian community means a great deal to him. For the sake of the gospel he has invested so much of his life in others, particularly Timothy. Now that his life is nearly over he wants to see the gospel prosper. He gives final warnings, makes requests, gives greetings and longs for others to be with him. He urges Timothy to come quickly (vs 9,21,1:2). Timothy will step into his shoes and carry on from where Paul has had to stop so that the gospel will go on. Verses 17-18 are likely to be what Paul would want to say to Timothy and to a new generation of young Timothys today!

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