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July 26

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July 26


Days of Noah


Many years ago we came upon an automobile accident.  We were the first on the scene;  the car had jumped off the freeway and landed on its side on a road parallel to the freeway.  The children and the mother had managed to free themselves, but it was clear that just a few moments before they had been traveling down the freeway with no thought that this might happen.  The father was still in the car;  there was no hurry about removing him.

Details blur with the years, but how could I forget the look on the faces of the children?   Their entire world, their complete security, everything that protected them—was gone.  It was the very picture of hopelessness.

In a small way these children are symbols of the world as it will be when our Lord returns.   While some speak of knowing the time of his return, or of knowing all the signs that must be fulfilled before his return, these are things which are but learned opinion.  Our Lord gives us one certain thing:  it will be unexpected.  People will say, "It's been a long time—just exactly where and when is this Jesus coming back?"  And after a laugh they will return to work, to play, to the cares of the day.  The striking element is that it will be so ordinary.

Then, with a sudden moment, our Lord will appear.  For those who do not know Him, the mask of hopelessness we saw on those children's faces will become their appearance.  For at his return it will be too late.  When I saw those faces, I wanted so much to be able to turn back the clock just a few minutes and make a slight correction.  Such power is not given to mortal man.  Nor will it be on that day.

But let the Christian rejoice in this;  for his return will be a great joy for us.  The triumph is certain;  the matter is done;  we simply do not know the day and hour.

The only question

So the question comes: what will be your reaction on that day?  It is certain to come;  you have the word of God on the point.  He has been quite explicit;  there will be no "just a minute."  It could come before you finish reading this.  Will it be an eternity of joy, or of hopelessness?  The answer to that depends upon your answer to "who is Jesus Christ?"  If he is Savior, Lord and God to you, then rejoice.  If not, go to him this very moment and make it so.  You do not know how much time you have left.

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