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July 24

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July 24


Healing Ten Lepers


We may take this from two points of view:  the lepers', and Jesus.

The lepers

·        They begin by calling him Master—and then they beg.  They met him at the edge of the village, intercepting him where he could not avoid them.  Standing the proper distance, they do not bargain, nor do they plead their case as ones unfairly punished.  They beg the Master's mercy.

·        Note that without exception they show their faith.  Jesus tests that faith by telling them to go and show themselves to the priests.  All ten go.  Note that they were healed "as they went."  This is faith in action, for faith is best demonstrated by obedience.

·        Only the Samaritan comes back to praise God and thank his healer.  Why?  The root of the matter is probably this:  a leper is an outcast;  a Samaritan leper among Jewish lepers is an outcast among outcasts.  He who is forgiven much, loves much.  Perhaps that applies to healing as well.


·        It's a long and weary day, the journey is long and the road is hot.  Jesus meets these men at the end of that journey.  His weariness does not prevent his love from taking action. 

·        Note how rich our Lord is in supply!  Are there ten lepers?  Then ten shall be healed.  And note how poor we are in return;  only one comes back with praise.

·        Above all, note that he prefers to work through our faith.

It is a compact little study.  But it raises some questions for us:

·        Do you beg, or bargain, with your Master?

·        Do you demonstrate your faith by your obedience?

·        Does your love match what you have been forgiven?

·        Are your good works dependent upon your good mood?

·        Are your good works given generously, or grudgingly?

·        What do all these say about your faith?

 Test yourself;  then your Lord will not need to.

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