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July 23

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July 23


Reasonable People


The world is full of reasonable people.  There were a lot of them at this miracle.  What do reasonable people make of Jesus?

Reasonable people know something about God

They know he is loving;  see how Jesus wept!

They know that reality is stronger than God

If you move that stone there will be an awful stench.

They put limits on God's power

·        If Jesus had only been here, he could have prevented this tragedy.  He could do good things.

·        But he couldn't do all good things—like raising the dead.

They reproach God

When things are painful, it must be God's fault.  Why did God let Lazarus die?

Reasonable people have to be commanded by God

They won't move out on faith.  Jesus has to tell them to move the stone.  Even when they see Lazarus rise, they have to be told to remove the grave clothes.

Reasonable people will ultimately see the glory of God.

They may not discern the time of its coming, but come it will.  Being reasonable people, they will be sure that God timed it wrong.  After all, they weren't quite ready yet, and that couldn't be right, could it?

Christians are often accused of being unreasonable people—starry eyed dreamers with no true concept of reality.  That's one view the world has of the Christian.  Reasonable people don't look at things like that.  They look reality right in the eye—and fail to see Reality itself. 

The Way, the Truth, The Life—the Resurrection and the Life—walks into a small Judean town and raises a man from the dead.  Reality has just changed.  That same man rises from the grave to give us eternal life.  Reality is now revealed for what it truly is.  Let us be unreasonable—and rejoice.

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