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1/ All of you here are knowledgeable able about computers .

2/ All of you understand that you can program your computer to operate according to different programmes

3/ .You all understand that your computer  has a memory  that has a great ability to store huge amounts of information.

4/ You all understand that what you put in is what you get out .Put in rubbish it will bring out rubbish .Put in good information you get out good information.


5/ You all understand that sometimes if you misuse your computer it can develop a  virus and it can stop working as it should . 

Everything I have said about the computer can be applied to ourselves. Although we are more than a computer .Although we are made in the image and likeness of God .Yet like a computer we can be programmed  for good or for evil. The world ,society, television, radio, newspapers are all trying to  program you to conform to the standards of the world. They are all trying to program you to unhappiness, and to ultimate disaster. All of them are telling you the same lie .

And the lie is that if you follow their way you will find happiness. If you get a big house, a big car, plenty money you’ll be happy. Get more and more and more then you’ll be happy. Be successful ,be the best, reach the top only then will you be happy. Without these things you cannot be happy.Thats the lie. That’s the lie that can destroy you. All these things are good they will give you pleasure. But only God can give you true happiness.                                                                                               

Don’t follow the crowd ,don’t conform to what other young people do. Don’t conform  to the thinking of this youth group. Think for yourself . The greatest fault of young people all over the world is that they want to Conform to the values of their group.

 Conform to Christ, he came to give you the truth and that truth will set you free. The purpose of religion is to set you free from the programming that world has given you by helping you to see clearly what they are doing to you.

You want to put good things into your computer. Take the teachings of Jesus. Memorize his words. Read the Bible put good things into your memory banks. Free your mind, kick out all the rubbish you have received. Put it in the recycle bin and press delete. How do you delete all the rubbish in your life. ( go to confession.)

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