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Your Life Is In A Mess

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I dont know what happend,why did I get so angry,I cant help myself,these are signs that your life is in a mess.You do not possess wisdom. Wisdom  is self knowledge,enabling you  to  live your life  with purpose and meaning .This is what religion must give y ou : (YOUR LIFE IS IN A MESS

purpose and meaning . )

The wise man said to his disciples before I gained  enlightenment I used to be depressed , after I gained enlightenment I contiued to be  depressed.The disciples were surprised at this statement . So what changed they asked. He replied imagine sitting on the side of a hill ,you see a cloud passing by  along a clear blue sky  Before enlightenment  when the cloud of depression came along I found myself  in the cloud and part of it,Immersed  in it. After enlightenment I placed  myself above the clouds                      

I observe them coming and going.I accept them but I know they will soon pass by.I am know longer immersed and lost in the cloud.I am not upset by what takes place.

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