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Where shall we go

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May 1


Words of Life


In this deep passage Christ sifts his followers, weeding out those who are not capable of going with him.  He tells us plainly:  no one can come to Him unless the Father draws him.

·        Some of these were drawn by the show.  Miracles, after all, make a good story to tell your grandchildren.  Some of us today are drawn by the show, also.  The music is lively, the preacher's words alive—we walk out saying, "Good sermon."  Unless the good sermon affects our lives, we are not drawn by the Father but by the show.

·        Some were drawn by the crowd.  Many of us follow the crowd to the fashionable church.  After all, we might need a place for a wedding or a funeral some day, and how much better that it should be an elegant building, full of fine musicians and excellent speakers. 

·        Some were drawn by what they saw as an opportunity to succeed in life.  Like Simon the sorcerer, they saw the Gospel as a chance to make money.  A place to make all the right contacts for the business, and—after all—it never hurts to have the reputation of being an honest Christian businessman.

All these are sifted out by the hard words of the Gospel, for they were not drawn by the Father.  Note those who remain, however.  Jesus, seeing the many depart, queries those who stay.  They give us the clue we need to see who is really drawn by the Father.

"To whom shall we go?" they ask.  "You have the words of eternal life."  There it is.  Those who were sifted out had their sights set too low—the show, the crowd, the opportunity.  These men had their sights set on God himself, and they understood the price of that quest.  It does not matter if it costs you everything you have, including your physical life—if you gain eternal life. 

There is only one source for that life.  Peter knows it, and puts it in the form of a question:  "to whom shall we go?"  The question answers itself:  there is no one else.  It's better to take the hard, slow road to the right place than the easy road to anywhere else.

Jesus, with the foreknowledge of God, knew who was who—but still suffered at their departure.  It was their choice.  We have the same choice today.  Do not let the show, the crowd, or the opportunity blind you to the call of Christ.  Allow the Father to draw you to the living Christ, the source of eternal life.  The way may be hard—but there is no other.

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