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Find out what breaks the heart of god and if your heart breaks also then you  are a godly man or woman and your life reflects the image of God .

 In the time of Jesus, the main characteristic by which the Gods were described was by the word Epathea from which we get the word apathy from. The gods were not concerned with human kind. They were apathetic towards us. Then Christianity came like a lightening bolt into the world and the main characteristic of God became Agapea. Agape

Phrase .His eye is on the sparrow, so I know his eyes are on me.

A young boy was practicing his baseball; he was very determined .He said to himself I am the best hitter of a baseball in the world .He threw up the ball swung the bat. Strike one .He missed .More determined than ever and with a stronger voice he said I am the greatest batsman in the world .Threw up the ball .Strike two .He gritted his teeth, dug in his heals. And shouted  I have the greatest striking arm of all time .Threw up the ball ,made a mighty swing and strike three. Missed.

He scratched his head, thought for a moment. Suddenly smiled and said what do you know  I am the greatest pitcher of the ball in the world.

Young father rushes his wife to the maternity and waits anxiously for the result .The nurse comes out and says what did you want a boy or a girl .A girl he says .I’m afraid  it’s a boy  she says .

His face beaming with joy he says oh that’s fine that was my second choice.


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