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Those GPS systems they have in a lot of cars

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Those GPS systems they have in a lot of cars.                                                                                                                            Maybe you have one. You push a little button, a screen comes up, you type in your

destination and then as you are on your way, you have a map there and this little annoying

voice talks to you throughout the whole trip, saying, “Left turn a quarter mile ahead; left turn 150

feet ahead; left turn 50 feet ahead.” You see, it has an aerial view from a satellite. It sees where

you are, and it is trying to get you to your destination. In the same way, God has a destiny for

us to fulfill, something that fits into His great master plan. He never gives up on us. With the

GPS systems, if you miss your turn, the system immediately computes a new course for you so

that you can get back to where you are supposed to be. It will shift and then say, “Right turn

100 feet ahead; right turn 50 feet ahead.” If you miss that, it will then compute in a whole new

plan to get you where you are going. God does exactly the same thing! We may get off track

sometimes. God will just readjust, saying, “This is the next thing you need to do to get back into

My plan.” He is all the while working in us. Friend, us reaching completeness and fulfilling our

destiny is a work of God’s grace. He never gives up on you as long as you are breathing.

However, you do not want to get so far off course that you cannot make it back before you die.

But God is all the while adjusting, working and saying, “Okay, you made this choice and you

made this turn that you should not have made, so now this is what you need to do next.” He is

always working to get us where we need to be.

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