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Something extra for God

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                                                      SUNDAY  JAN 2nd EPIPHANY

Do something extra for God in the year 2005.Dont stay with your normal routine. Break out of the way    Do something extra ordinary for God and he will do something extra ordinary  for you .

Story of the woman in Luke’s Gospel of the woman with a sickness for 14  years.

Main goal of Satan is to stop you changing your life .to stop you doing the unusual because he knows that

If you make changes in your life that honors God in a special way then God will step in with power in your life

Satan does not want you to grow Story of Peter and the catch of fish . See the abundance of  God .   

New beginnings God is waiting on us to make the first step

Simple things like improving your attitude.

Forgiving people quicker

Being at church each week without fail

Making decisions that honor God in a special way .

Get out of your normal routine of life.

If you make the first move then god will make the next move. We reap what we sow .You want to reap an extra ordinary harvest then sow an extra ordinary seed .

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