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This is not revival of a corps. This is not this same life extended. This is resurrection ie a new glorified  life beyond description ,beyond and superior to words. When they first met the risen lord they did not recognize him but when recognition came they would have known in an instant in the blinking of an eye that all was wonderfully true. They would have known in an instant through the power of the Holy Spirit  that all scripture pointed to Jesus. Their problem was that this tremendous experience is beyond words. As with all mystical moments when men and women are caught up in God they cannot be described by words.

How can we experience the power of the resurrection . By proclaiming the resurrection not just to others but especially to ourselves .By claiming the power of the resurrection in our lives ,never accepting  any negative view of life ,never having a defeated mentality, proclaiming Gods favor over our lives.( examples of negative attitudes.)Expecting Gods best, expecting God to bless us .As God’s children we should expect the best, we should aim high .

Remember when God gave us dominion over his creation he set limits on himself .He will never force himself upon us so that we have no freedom. He will always leave us free to choose to invite him into our lives or to exclude Him from our lives. That’s why he exhorts us to always keep on knocking, always keep on searching, always keep on asking. Because prayer keeps the door of our hearts open so that Christ can enter in .

 The story is told of a Nigerian who in the early days manages to get a visa to stay and work in America .He is a poor man and sells everything he has in order to buy the ticket       that will take him by boat across the sea to America. He has just enough for the ticket and very little left over for food .So he decides to buy a large sack of biscuits and a large sack of groundnuts because he will not be able to buy the food sold on board the boat which he knows will be very exspensive .The boat will take about six weeks to reach America but he will manage with bisco and groundnuts and water.So he boards the boat  everytime all the rest of the passengers go up to the great eating hall he gets out his bisco and groundnuts and nibbles away like a rat in its hole.Sometimes he would go up to the great eating hall and watch the wonderful food being eaten their.He would shake his head sadly and go back to his room ,to his bisco and groundnuts.He began to feel ill but still there was nothing he could do.Finally the last day arrived.An old man approached him and said excuse me sir I could not help noticing the all through the journey you never ate in the great eating hall with the rest of us and I coudnt help noticing that you were always eating groundnuts and bisco.Do you have a stomach disorder and bisco and groundnuts are your special diet.No no said the man I hate bisco and groundnuts,I just had enough for the ticket .I coudnt afford to pay for the food.The old man man was shocked shook his head sadly and said but didn’t you realize that all the food was free it was included in the price of your ticket.                                                                                      

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