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My yoke is easy

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March 19


My Yoke


We read these words of Christ and ask, "How can his yoke be easy?"  This same Christ told us of the narrow road, the pearl of great price. 

One way to see it is to compare it to the burden of the Old Testament Law, and all its requirements.  Another is to compare it to the burden of sin.  Think what a cruel burden it is, for example, to be so enamored of riches that you always want more.

The best answer is that the yoke is heavy when you lift it by yourself. But if Jesus walks  with you , the burden will be light.

·         All things can be done through Him, who gives you strength.

·        If you are repairing your car, you know that the easy way is to do it the right way the first time.  In life it is the same;  do it His way the first time and it works.

·        You complain of being weak?  Remember that his power is perfected in your weakness—so that others might see him through you.

·        Things are hard when you hate to do them, easy when you love the work.  Do you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength?

·        Weight means nothing until measured.  Are you measuring yours by how others appear, or by the eternal reward of glory your Lord has promised you?

He asks you to take h is "yoke" upon you.  The yoke unites you with Christ—and if with Christ, then with all Christians.  He will comfort you so that you may comfort others.  They in turn will come to your support, and lighten the burden.

Some of us are weightlifters, capable of huge burdens.  Most of us are not.  Let the peace of Christ, which passes all understanding, be the forklift of your burdens.  Your burdens will be light.

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