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General Notes from Television

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General Notes from Television                
 follow wisdom not your feelings                
if a person is only attracted to you for your outward appearance it says something about the quality of that person
proverbs ch 3 .19:22 the deepest beauty is on the inside .kindness never fades with time.    
a father wants to give so much to his child but the child needs to grow up before the father can give those gifts. 
 don’t feed your feelings or they will grow stronger .            
 it takes 21 days to form  a new habit so if you could control your mouth for 21 days you may be taken to a new level. 
you do have discipline self control but you never exercise it.          
like a muscle you must exercise discipline and it will grow stronger.        
God wants us to be different .dont do as everybody else does .swim against the flow only dead fish flow with the the river.
birds travel in flocks eagles travel alone .you are designed to soar like the eagle .let people see you are different .
pressure to fit in don’t lower your standards, easier to fit in to, stand out people make fun of you.    
you want to preach a good sermon live a good life .society wants to squeeze you into its own mould.  
daniel in babylon would not be agree to be like them.he was saying I may be in babylon but babylon is not in me.

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