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Mark 14:32-42
Back in the Garden: 32-33
Jesus has come back to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and prepare for His death.
I want us to look at Genesis 3:1-7
Jesus’ mission was to reconcile the people back to Him.
This can only be accomplished by going to the place where the sin entered humans.
The Garden, Jesus begins His preparation for the Crucifixion by going to the Garden to Pray.
In the Garden of Eden Eve and Adam fell to the cunning of the serpent (Satan) because they did not pray.
Jesus enters the Garden with what His mission was, to reconcile all those who calls on His name, back to the Father.
Jesus goes in with prayer as His focus; Eve went in with no focus and surrenders to Satan’s deception.
Jesus had a plan and Eve had none.
Even though Satan is not mentioned directly, he was no doubt present.
Jesus’ always takes us back to the place where sin started to move us forward again.
We cannot hop on and off the righteous trail, Jesus takes us back before we can move forward.
Jesus’ tells eight of them to sit there while He goes and prays.
Remember Judas has already gone to start the betrayal.
He takes Peter, James, and John further with Him.
Distress and Trouble in the Garden 34-35
Going into the Garden Jesus’ felt the distress and trouble going into the Garden.
Jesus’ felt distress or (bewilderment), why?
Because, I honestly believed He felt the weight of the sins of the world and what had to happen to Him to reconcile us back to Him.
It also shows us the humanity side of Christ.
Jesus Christ was fully Divine and Human.
His distress and trouble gives us comfort knowing that He too has been tempted and felt the emotions we have and can sympathize with us.
Going into the Garden to pray was a sign for us to come back into relations with the Trinity and fall at the feet of Jesus who can and will sympathize with us.
Trouble: to be in extreme anguish; to be overwhelmed with anxiety.
He started to feel the weight of the sins of the world.
He knew that Judas was betraying Him at this very moment, Peter would deny Him, and the sheep would scatter.
He would be doing this without those who had followed Him, He was going to be alone.
The Father had to set Him aside to crush Him for our iniquities.
Listen to Isaiah 53:1-12
Listen to verse 10: It pleased God to crush Him severely: intensely, harsh, painfully, and gravely.
God the Father was pleased to do this to His Son (Himself) for you and me.
Every time we sin, remember what He did for that sin!
The Lord tells them, that His soul has become grieved to the point of death.
I remember the day we woke up to go to the hospital in Lewisville on September 18th, 2014.
It will be a day that I will never forget.
My soul was grieved to the point that I wanted to die.
I knew what lie ahead, I knew that in a short time Gracelynn would be born and ultimately die.
I did not know how long she would be alive before passing but I knew this would be a day that would alternate the life of her mother and father forever.
He commands Peter, James, and John to stay awake.
This is not the first-time Jesus told His disciples to be alert and watch.
Mark 13:34, 37
They had been told and told to stay alert.
We too have been told and told to stay alert, flee from temptations, pray and meditate of His word.
But, just as the Disciples we too have fallen asleep.
We forget this life is not a life we are to gather all our treasures in.
We are not to build a life outside of the Garden but inside the Garden with the Lord.
In the garden is where true fellowship with the Trinity began between Adam and Eve.
If they would have been on alert who knows the outcome of that temptation!
God’s Will not Ours 36
Jesus went a little further and fell and prayed.
In His prayer to Abba, He asked if it is possible to take this cup from Him.
The full impact of His death and its spiritual consequences struck Jesus and He staggered under its weight.
The prospect of alienation from His Father horrified Him.
It was not dying that distressed Christ.
It was not the beatings or mocking that He would receive that distressed Him.
It was being separated from the Father at the very hour when He would be crushed by the Father for our iniquities!
Jesus teaches us that not our will but the Father’s will be done in our lives.
Listen to what He says, “Nevertheless, not what I will, but what you will.”
Too many times we want God to line up with our will.
This is impossible!
God is not at our beck and call!
Jesus understood why He was grieved, He understood too why He was there.
John 12:27
Jesus told His disciples why He came into this world, in the Gospel of John.
He knew that this was the Will of the Father who had sent Him.
Do you know that one of the most glaring difference between Jesus Christ and Muhammad are?
Jesus knew why He came and sought to do the Mission that God the Father, Himself, and the Holy Spirit had planned before the foundation of the world.
Muhammad was suicidal and depressed.
He attempted multiply times to throw himself off the cliff.
Failure to pray 37-41
Failure to pray is preparing oneself for failure in spiritual warfare.
Whenever I fail to pray before the start of my day, I can tell in the first ten minutes that it is going to be a long day.
I want us to look back at Mark 14:30.
Peter was told by Jesus that he would deny Him three times before the rooster crows.
Keep this in mind while we keep reading.
Jesus knew that because Peter fell asleep instead of praying that He would deny Him.
He knew the number of times He would deny by how many times He found him asleep.
Listen to what Jesus tells them, “Stay awake and pray so that you won’t enter into temptation.
The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
Pray so you do not fall into temptation.
Jesus said, “one hour” could you not pray and keep watch one hour?
One hour can you pray to Abba for one hour without falling asleep.
We are commanded to pray and most believe it is one hour.
I believe this also.
Here is why.
First, every time that I have prayed one hour there has been a peace that overcomes me.
I am just relaxed and full of peace.
I get more done than I usually do nothing seems to hinder or bother me.
I am connected that day with my Lord, my God and there is no better place to be.
Prayer unlocks God’s mystery to His word, to His will, and to His power.
It is during this time you are preparing yourself to battle.
Second, praying one hour is disciplining yourself to be in control of your body no matter what the circumstances are.
How do you think Paul made it through all he went through?
He modeled our Lord Jesus’ time in the Garden.
Lastly, I have seen the power of a praying church that devotes at least an hour of their time to the Lord in prayer.
Things start happening that we read about inside the body.
Miracles, reconciliation, marriages heal, relationships heal, and the healing touch upon someone’s life who we pray over.
Financial strain is alleviated from the body which alleviates it from the Church.
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