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Eucharist, awareness

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Eucharist .One day a  man came to a wise man and said  I know that today is your day for silence and I know that you do not speak on such days but I have traveled far and will only be here for one day I must start back before sunrise so perhaps you could write down something which would guide me throughout my life .The wise man nodded his head and agreed took a  pencil and paper and wrote down down three words,   Awareness of God                   

The man read it but was not satisfied .Could you expand it a little  .

The old man nodded his head and smiled took the paper and pencil and wrote awareness, awareness, awareness of God. Looking at what the old man had written the young man shook his head and said yes but what does that mean. With patience the old man took the pencil and paper and wrote down ,Awareness , awareness, awareness of God means awareness of God. 

Our greatest sin ,our greatest fault when we stand before the Lord will be that we did not recognize the presence of God in our midst Particularly we catholics .Our lack of awareness of the great gift and privilege we have in the Eucharist. Our lack of awareness of the invitation that is given to us each day to partake of the great celebration of the Holy Mass .We have a treasure ,but we are not aware of what we possess .Story of how they discovered the diamond mines in South Africa.   

Some of our church members do have an awareness of the presence of  God ,of Christ in the eucharist in this tabernacle .On some days you will meet people kneeling or sitting or even lying in front of this tabernacle pouring out their problems to the Lord. Remember this there is an open invitation to come before the Lord and pour out our troubles before him.A practical step come to the presence of Christ in this tabernacle, in the Eucharist .Bring your problems to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament Many people live with un forgiveness all their lives Bring that unforgiveness to the Eucharist before the blessed Sacrament in this tabernacle. Ask for the gift of forgiveness. When something is beyond your power come before the blessed Sacrament seeking his power. Many people live with unforgiveness in their lives .Un forgiveness can be a heavy burden to carry. Leave that ive us our debts .when someone does something wrong against you .you feel that they owe you a debt ,you feel that you  should have the wrongs done to you put right .That person who wronged you can not put things right .The husband who left you ,the person who abused you, the parents who never gave you an education these people can not pay you back only God can pay you back.                       for a Only God  can put those things right .Forgive those who have wronged you ,then God will make all the wrongs done to you right.

Joe Dambrosio monkey in the church . Building a house of thoughts. Make a story. one block I am the bread of life. Two blocks   

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