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The miracles were signs to the people of God’s saving power, signs pointing to Jesus that he could be the one who was to come. But in addition each and every the miracle was a parable teaching far beyond itself. Each and every miracle was a message. The miracles of the huge catch of fish was the turning point for these four men of Galilee, James ,John, their father Zebedee,and especially Peter.(Unpack this passage)

The New Testament tells some 45 times that Jesus was a teacher. And here it tells us that because of the crowds Jesus got into their boat and taught them a little way out from the shore. 215 times the new testament mention the word disciple. That is one who learns ,one who listens to the teacher. Jesus taught not only by his words but by his actions. The disciple is one who not only listens and learns from what he says but they obey his word. And so after toiling all night knowing as professional fishermen that the morning was not the time to catch fish . They let down their nets.

1/ Discipleships are to do what they are bidden to do even when they do not know where God is taking them.

2/ Discipleship is an adventure

3/ Disciples are to rely on God and not on themselves.

4/Disciplship is fall on our knees (just like Peter) before the white hot holiness of God.

5/ Discipleship is to be fishers of men and women.



God covenanted his people so that this people might go out and bring the nations to him. The golden calf destroyed all that. Before this incident they all were his priestly people. By this action they terminated this priestly role. Now only the faithful tribe of  Levites who did not worship the calf and at the order of Moses destroyed

those idolaters who did. Moses awarded them with the priesthood Striping it away from the other tribes. From this time there is a new covenant through Moses, Aron , the Levites. So God in a sense establishes buffer zones .Greater degrees of mediation greater distance between Himself and the twelve tribes. Moses, Aaron, the Levites, the tabernacle, the sacrifices. The sacrifices of these animals represent a repudiation of the idol worship that the Israelites had been infected with in their 400 year stay in Egypt

Cattle, sheep, goats had all been worshipped by the Egyptians. And so now they must use these to sacrifice to Yahweh.

(Leviticus: divide it into two (A) The first half is for the Levites how they are to fulfill their priestly office.(B) The second half is for the people. The Levites through this book were to rehabilitate Israel in the ways of God .Perhaps eventually To give them back their priestly office. God could not break the Israelites from their Idolatrous mind set in an instant .He had to break it in stages.


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