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THE CENTRE OF CHRISTMAS :We exchange gifts at Christmas because at the very centre and heart of Christmas is the idea of giving ,the idea of the perfect gift. At Christmas We celebrate  that God has given the gift of himself to us  in the person of Jesus. This gift of God is a blessing to each and every one of us.Remember this central rule .God blesses us that we in our turn might  bless others .We are to share  that blessing with others .If you want to be sure that God will bless you  and continue to bless you each and every  day  then you yourself must continue to be a blessing to others each and every day.By doing this you become the instrument of God ,He  blesses others through your hands .He speaks through your words. Giving to others is a guarantee that God will give to you. God cannot help but give to you when you give to others. God cannot help but bless you if you  bless others. Story: Satan was one day teaching a group of his disciples how to go down to the earth and bring people to hell and destruction.He said to them you must go down to the earth and make sure that people do not give. Make sure that people hold on to what they have. Make sure they give nothing away. Get them to say to themselves over and over again this is mine ,this is mine ,this land is mine ,this money is mine,these children are mine,this house is mine. Stupid  fools  they cannot understand that abso;utely nothing belongs to them.They do not understand that even they themselves are not there own, they belong to God. So go down and get them to hold on to what they have and in that way they will soon belong to me. If you can get them to stop giving to others  they will lose what have for then God will stop giving to them .Stop them blessing others and God will stop blessing them and then they will soon be mine.(clenched fist)

let me give you two other  rules.(a) Always,always  give thanks and praise to god for what he has done for you.(a) Always, always give thanks and praise to others for what they have done for you. I guarantee you that if you follow these rules you will be be blessed by God. 

Think carefully. You help someone and they come back to and they are so thankful and joyful for what you have done, Does this not touch your heart. In your mind do you not bless them again.That one blessing which you gave will bless that person not once but many times.Perhaps when those people you have helped go through  difficult times in their lives and  are feeling down and without hope, they may remember back to the day you were kind and you blessed them. In doing this they are blessed once again by the memory of your kindness.

A father has two children whom he loves equally .He gives them various gifts. One of the children is always delighted with the gifts of the father and always comes back to thank him.If one of this boys friends  helps him or is kind to him in any way this son always goes out of his way to thank that person.The other son receives the same gifts from the father but does not appreciate what has been given and never comes back to thank his father.If this boy is helped in any way by a friend he never says thank you or appreciates what has been done for him.This son is always complaining and grumbling.Now let me ask you a question will the father of those two boys not begin to withhold his blessings and gifts from the son who does not give thanks to his father or to anyone for what he has received .Will he not withhold his blessings from the son who only grumbles. And will the fathers heart not be touched by the son who always gives thanks to his father and to everyone for anything he receives .And will the fathers heart not be touched by this son and will he not this bless son a second time each and every time he comes to thank his father. A thankful person touches the heart of God .God will always bless the one who comes to say thank you. ( t en lepers) the one who came back was doubly cured and doubly blessed.    




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