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The Resurrection And The Life

The Real Undead: Jesus' Resurrection Miracles  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  31:46
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Jn 11:1-44. Dan Kroon. There’s a humbling reality we must acknowledge when reading about Jesus in the gospels: that while he is always able to understand us, we are not always able to understand him. The raising of Lazarus in John 11 is a good example. It is a story where Jesus again shows love and empathy and compassion (like the two other resurrection miracles we’ve considered), but it is also a story where we cannot fully comprehend how that works in his mind. His omniscience, his delay, his mixed emotions; these things baffle us. But his purpose is totally clear and simple: to reveal the glory (power) of God and to have people believe in him as the Son of God. That is the heart of what we need to know when we think about resurrection from death.

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