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Three Rules for Prayer

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Good morning. UCF. Good morning. How is everybody this lovely day you guys look wonderful breakfast look so good outside. I'm so sad. I got your too late too. And enjoy it on the first time that would work for you guys. This morning is Holy Spirit fill this place. We definitely want to feel his presence and have him come into this place and be here with us this morning as we worship him. So, please let stand

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Holy Spirit Come

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Shinedown Thomas Whitfield



Grand Theft

Holy Spirit

Let It Go


the next song in the sanctuary this song is great for congregational singing. So we hope you guys will join us clap your hands do your dance and just Worship the Lord.

We do this.

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And part of my raspy voice. I'm a little bit horse this morning since I crack is a blessing still be here anyway.

Who can separate us from the love of Jesus?

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No, no, no, no.

Yelling will do that this week. I mean you're going to leave but you know y'all get y'all got to give me the opportunity. I created this for y'all. They going again, they like I'm out of here. Alright, we got we got all right, all the young people y'all go.

I'm going to take it personally. All right, and for those of you that you can if you can move up a little bit so we don't have we kind of doing this live feed if you can move up a little bit. Amen. How's everybody doing this morning? I'm sold out. I don't know about you, but I'm sold out. Amen. I'm sold out. Amen. I think the praise team for that. Amen. So let me just share with you guys. We got to pray for our texting cuz they every week it's always a new challenge and they be back there working it out. So God bless you all. You know. I know y'all.

Baby working it out and we get one thing fixed and something else going on but see God always knows what we need and he's got the right folks back there a man. Alright so he can your series entitled and when you pray And when you pray in in the reason this is important because we all must have a prayer life. Amen. There is no way you can walk this walk of faith without a prayer life. I mean, it's so important to Jesus gave us an outlining example that we can use in prayer because prayer is what we use to communicate to our Heavenly Father And for those of us who love God know that we can spend some time with a man and one of the ways we spend time with God is when we pray now again, I'm I'm going to challenge you today because when we read the Bible and we really understand what Jesus is doing. It's not what religion says a man. When we read the Bible and we operate the way the Bible sets it up. You realize some of the stuff you been doing is not right? Some of it is I just was taught wrong. I've talked to do some things. And so today we going to look at three rules of prayer. Amen, three rules of prayer and you going to find out some of the stuff. I'm telling you it it's in my heart a man because you know, I grew up. Thinking a certain way and you will see I don't want to get ahead of myself of that thinking that you was supposed to do certain things a certain way and I realized after reading and praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to me and help me understand some of the stuff I wasn't doing one in line with word of God said amen. So are y'all ready to get your heartbreak and a man? That's how we learn a man. Alright. So here's where you are foundational scripture for today. If Stan we going to read are foundational scriptures. Can y'all see the can y'all see the screen behind you at some point? Are we going to get it fix a man? Alright, Matthew chapter 6 Starting with verse 7. I want you to 7 and 8. I want you to read it together with me you already go and when you pray do not use vain repetitions as the heathens do for. They think they will be heard for their many words verse 8. Therefore do not be like them for your father knows the things you have need of before you ask them and our confession of Faith repeat this after me. I am not moved. I don't hear everybody. I am not moved. By what I see. or by what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God the victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it through the eyes of my face. In Jesus name amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. All right, three rules. Rule number one the Bible tells us in our prayer time with God. Do not use vain repetition. Vain repetition. That means don't get in in in the presence of God babbling on and using these religious phrases and saying things that are really meaningless that you don't mean but that you heard for someone else. It mean dang repetition means don't be saying the same words over and over and over and over and over again. Your heart especially if your heart is not in it and learn how to pray from different.

X saying is Jeff.

And so what I want us to always understand it when you get yourself prepared to pray whatever you say must come from your heart. It doesn't have to be eloquent and don't have to be all but in a nice little bundle to press people but it must come from your heart whether it's private prayer or public Prayer in the Bible says do not get up there with Titian.

It's time for me to do something to make people think I'm only that I'm in pressive come up with some and heard some preacher say or something from Deaconess say or some evangelists and I repeat over and over again.

This stuff over and over again until someone will say hallelujah. And then I'm thinking I'm on it. Right you seen folks like that a man that could be in here a man or you get down on your knees and you think I'm supposed.

in it

and you and you let it come out and God is not impressed what he wants from us is our heart. So when you pray do not think you're impressing god with a bunch of religious rather with rhetoric that you don't even believe. Come to the him from your heart give him what's in your heart and made it don't have to be articulated don't have to be all tied up in a nice little boat, but it does come from the hearts and that's what God is looking for. That's why he clearly says in the text don't get in front of that. Jesus says this don't get in front of him with this vanity.

Impress the people around you and it has nothing to do with you trying to speak to God. That makes sense. I told you we going to go pretty hard here. I'm a pretty cuz we if we don't get this thing, right all the stuff we're doing is in vain. if my prayer life is not right if my prayer life is not from the heart then whatever I'm doing is hitting the ceiling and coming right back down and you only

broken desire Does that make sense? It's the one we get before the Lord and we do it the biblical way. We follow what God said don't come before God with no vain repetition. Don't come to me with all that stuff. That's not what I'm interested in stuff. You don't hurt from this evangelist on TV and this person that's not from your heart.

Sometimes you don't know what to say. Sometimes there is no words for the hurt and the pain. And all you can say sometimes is Lord. I'm just hurt. I don't know what to say. And sometimes you just need to be quiet. A man as opposed to just under in vanity. Just be quiet. Does that make sense? That one of the ways that we can stop ourselves from operating in vain vanity or doing the repetition friend. It's a know who God Is by name. not only is he Lord, you know a lot of people that God have mercy Lord and you think

a man

Hey man, that's so so there's more to who he is and Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6. The Bible says For unto us a child is born unto us a son is given in the government will be upon his children and his name will be called wonderful. His name will be called counselor his name Mighty God his name Everlasting father his name Prince of Peace when we begin to spend time and knowing who God is so we can call him by his name and he's more than just lost.

And it prevents us from having the vanity cuz the only thing I've heard is what somebody else is. I've gotten into the word I've spent time in the world to find out who God is and I know he's an everlasting father. I know he's a counselor. I know he's the Prince of Peace. I know he's The Great I Am. I know all of the things that the Bible says about who he is now because I spend time with him when I go before him in prayer. I can call him something other than my heart. I don't get me wrong. Ain't nothing wrong with that if it's from your heart.

That makes sense. But if it's something you think you're doing it impress God. Can I give you some advice please stop cuz it's not impressing here. He's already identified the fact that most folks who call on him or calling on him out of vain repetition. What's even worse they're not calling on him at all? A man, does that make sense?

Several things that are help us from operating that vanity number one. Said it's over again. I said again your heart has to be fight. And let me tell you this thing ain't about we have gone through that season of religion where everybody does the religious stuff. You see how far is Darkness people are leaving the church faster than they're coming into the church. It's so something is wrong now with that model. Model is based on what man has said that model is based on religion and it's not working for folks now, so we have got to go back to the basics in the Bible says do not get before God in vanity. We must have the right heart.

And it has nothing to do with being more masculine or feminine or if it has it's just has everything to do with. Where are you? So hard with your relationship with God not to impress people but to have that relationship with him. Does that make sense? This thing is personal. Is personals you have to want a relationship with God and you have to want to give him your hearts in order for your prayer life to be what God wants it to be. intimate true transparent focused grateful If it's anything, other than that, then God is not impressed. I don't know what how more to tell you. You can be educated. You can be a theologian. You can know the Bible back and forth. But if your heart is not in it, it's all vanity.

So the second thing we can think about is when I go before guy what am I thinking about? Well, it's my devotional time. I'm supposed to have Bush the time. And you get prepared and your mind is wandering everywhere.

I remember I used to do that. I used to go before the Lord and as soon as I got on my knees, I'm thinking about work. I'm thinking about this and thinking about the bills and think about everything else and my thought life was not connect. So collect your thoughts when it's time for God make God the focal point them bills ain't going nowhere. Amen. Date. They can be part of your prayer that God, you know, I need to deal with this but they know they should not be the focus of your prayer is that makes sense you have to be God has to be important to you. But I'm a prayer has to be important to you. It can't be one thing that you do the check off. Oh, yeah, I pray today. Can you imagine if somebody did you like that? Oh, yeah. I called her today or I didn't mean anything by what I said, you know, I just had to do it because somebody said what kind Ship is that and that's how we treat. We treat them like a check off. How hard is it there? My mind is not there. Really just going through the motions and that's the problem with religion and teaches us to go through the motions. When it's a relationship you want to do it you want to spend time with you know, the when you want to be around somebody they running late you wait for me.

a man If you want to be around them if you want them around no matter what I'm running late. Okay, I'm I'll be right here. How is it that when it comes to God the one that we say we love and we are doing we want to spend time with every time it's time for us to spend time for him. We ain't got time for.

Is that make sense? I said I'm a pretty hard because I want us operating in the biblical way not religious. What does that make sense? I got to have my heart right? I got to get my thought and concentration, right?

a desire to be with

Please let me say it's a bunch of folks who call themselves Christians who don't have a desire to be with God. They want to do everything else everything else and then if there's some time left over. Then spend some time with a guy. What I'm talking about having a desire. To be with your lord and savior while you're on this side of heaven so that when you meet him face-to-face, he will say I know you I know you you spend the time we spend time together. I know you I know your voice and you've heard mine. Somebody said I just want to make it and I'm saying you live in your life and what if what you're doing is not enough to make it. Why would you make sure that you when you leave up out of here you get to meet him face-to-face, and he says well done. Welcome home. Why would you want to operate like if I can just get it? You don't have to operate like you just getting in that means you're doing everything and you think it's just going to be enough to get in. Why don't you make sure that you have taken yesterday when your time come without a shadow of a doubt. He's going to welcome you home. Religion teaches us to act like we just going to make it in. But a relationship says Nah, you know money ain't that important but you know, my relationship with God is important. I'm going to do the things that I need to do to solidify that relationship. So when I meet him face-to-face he smiling at me as opposed to say it.

It's like challenges not to operate on I'm hoping to make it in. What operate like I know without a shadow of a doubt cuz I spend time with him and he knows me and I know him and so in my prayer life, it is not a foreign person calling on him. It's his child, Does that make sense? We have to change our way of thinking because I'm I'm afraid when I do federal and they say yeah this person gave they like the guy at a early age, you know how to do in obituaries. But there's no evidence. Of their life been giving the guy ever since early age. So I'm not judge of anything. But I know if something is important to you you make time to make sure that you know, where you going. You don't get emotional and say I accept Christ and then you live your life like you in the world. Is that make sense?

An in the challenges this y'all folks are looking at us. And then if they see stuff that doesn't line up there moving away from God as opposed to come into and the reason is because of you look at your neighbor say it's you. is you That's why they doing is you. Is you a man? So you got check yourself to make sure it's not you that's running folks away from God Amen. And then the last thing is preparation how many of us are preparing for a prayer? How do we get up and we get to running? Are you preparing to spend time with God? What's your day? Like is there time carved out for guy or you so busy doing everything else that you can solidify your time with. It would be like me not spending time with my wife. What you think is going to happen to the relationship? She eventually say you know what? I'm moving on. a man

CB said that sometimes anyway when I'm harassing her amen. Now listen, there is one sure way to prepare your heart for prayer. And that's meditating in God's word. I'm not talking about just casually reading God's word. I'm talking about. spending time in God's work I didn't say you had to digest in in just the entire Bible all at once but spending time and I challenge everybody who is coming to UCF to spend time in the world. This is different. Y'all. I'm not accepting or you don't have time to spend time with God that's not acceptable to me. Where is small enough that I can check to see if you spend time with God Amen and it should happen on a daily basis you need to spend time. God is important to you. Don't call yourself a Christian and don't call yourself a fall over Christ of Christ. If you're not going to do the things to earn it.

Because God did something to show you how much he loves you and he sent Jesus to die and pay the price for all of us. If he proves that he loves us. Let's prove that we love him but spend some time. Let's meditate on his word. Let's get to know him. Let's get to have the worst cover us.

I don't want the world cover me. I want the word covering me.

Does that make sense? No religion will tell me I can have all kind of folks speaking into my life, but the Bible says the only one I need to speak into my life is Jesus. And if the other folks ain't following Christ than any they suspect to me. I'm sold out. Hey man, My Mind Is Made Up?

For me and my house we going to serve the Lord. Can you say the same thing? And I'm not asking us to be judges of anyone but look at some of these other folks who call themselves Christians are they truly sold out? Are there mines really made of? Are they really Disciples of Christ and followers of Jesus or is he just one more thing? They've added to their their plate?

That makes sense.

The Bible says in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 every part of scripture is god-breathed and used for one way or another showing us truth exposing our Rebellion correcting our mistakes and training us to live God's way.

These items people don't want spend time in the word because it's going to check them.

We just got to check them mom and dad and got a check him wife or husband don't have to check that spend time in the world. That's what the word is designed to do a man. So people be like I didn't have time to spend reading the word. Yeah, cuz you didn't want to get checked.

You didn't want the word that shows you something that you shouldn't be doing that you like to do a man and Amplified transition a translation. The Bible says every scripture is god-breathed given by his inspiration and profitable for instruction for reproof and conviction of sin for correction of Aaron discipline and obedience and for training in righteousness in holy living in Conformity to God's will in thought and action. every intitle is designed to help us transform our mind. So our minds are more like rice. That makes sense.

See it's in the scripture that we learn about God. It's in the scripture that we can go to him in prayer. It's in the scripture that we find out how he wants us to come to it's in the word of God. I can't I can't rely and I will tell all of you guys this lady's doesn't mean this and young people that wait on the pastor. Don't don't wait on the Deaconess the Evangelist of the prophets the whoever they calling himself you get in the word of God for yourself.

You study for yourself. And then when questions come up you get your stuff around people studying just like you are and y'all go to prayer and ask God for revelation.

She's really easy to find out where you at. All I got to do is spend time with you. To be like I'm a boy passed away. Then that's the first rule vain repetition. You see some of these folks and they keep

I know that's not from your heart. Cuz you know what goes from the heart comes to the heart. amen room number to you already watch them long-drawn-out prayers

If I if I keep running my mouth for 30 minutes, maybe it'll impress somebody.

Would you want to Texas? Amber 7. And when you pray do not use vain repetitions as the heathens do for they think they will be heard for their many words.

I'll impress you if I keep talking. One thing I know about folks who like to run their mouth. They really got a lot to say. And only saying it to hear themselves talk amen. Sometimes when you know stuff it's good to just be quiet. Amen. Bible says watch all of these long words these long prayers you do you think you going to be heard for your many words? In the message translation, it says the world is full of so-called prayer warriors or really prayer ignorant. They're full of formulas and programs and advice and pedaling techniques for getting what you want from God. You can watch folks. Is a prayer Warrior?

So he's a prayer Warrior watch him. They just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on the Bible says the Bible clearly says is them Falls to so-called prayer warriors who a prayer ignorant? That stuff is not coming from the heart. That's some formula. Here's what you do brother. If you do that's why you can't you got to watch them. Hell this is and then the other doesn't do that because that's not coming from the heart. That makes sense.

Either this is real good. I don't lost you. Give God some Praise of his real good.

Wait, give him some praise about a lost job.

I put this on here God's not here that will not hear a person's prayer because it's long because the heart is generally poured out to die. Too many of us don't even know how to pour a heart out to God. I mean what stuff get bad situations when they get bad in your life and you have to go talk to somebody you have to tell him the truth. And you really pouring my heart out? That's how it should be With God all the time. It doesn't have to be when things are bad. It can be things that are good, but you should always be pouring your heart on God. This is what's on my heart. I'm not here to try to impress you cuz I realize I cannot impress you. What's going on in my life? I want to tell you what's going on in my heart and I want to hear from you cuz this ain't right and I want to thank you for that, but I truly want to pour out my heart to you. I think we forgotten how to pull out a hard because we've learned to put on these masks. And I got my mask on cuz I'm going to church. I'm going to put my church mask on and I'm going to let y'all know who your praise the Lord. God bless you son.

That's my mask. It's not my heart. God is looking for your heart. We forgotten how to give God our hearts we can give him. Yeah, he give you a little time. That's good and your little time that's good. But doing all of that and not giving. Your heart is in vain. Does that make sense? And when I when I preach other places I see these rituals get up and these people have to go through these processes and it's like okay we going to start this and we going to do this we going to do this and there's no heart in it.

Begin to give God your heart. That's what he wants. Tell him all about it. Be honest about what you're going through and where you at and what you need already knows but he wants to hear it from you. Don't wait for somebody else to intervene for you and give it to you and give God your heart to give God your heart.

I realized early on in my Ministry. I was impressed with this formula prayer. He gave us an example, but that's just an outline. He wants a heart like this. you know after while I don't care how Slick You Think You Are?

If you have a relationship with somebody. They'll know if you giving them your best.

Amman they don't know. People being dumb not stupid so far it for the ones think they can manipulate folks and get over folks and they they all of this. Let me tell you it's always somebody better than you. Not say that to say this.

don't think you can manipulate guy. With fancy words and long prayers and you know this and that don't don't please stop it. If you think I had somebody tell me I'm blessed right now. God is doing this stuff for me an 1/8 out there doing all kind of things. That is not an indication that your relationship with God Is Right He blesses every guy. But he knows your heart amen. And so I have to check myself early on because I thought when I was early on in the ministry, I thought oh my gosh people are coming to Christ. And you know I'm saying is I start to think it was me.

I'm just being transparent and got checked me and said you ain't did nothing. You are my best. You get yourself, right? And you stay right and I will continue to use you. I chose. You don't ever think that it's you that's doing anyting God chose. You don't think you can manipulate or or or or or or or or move him in some way by something you say because he'll know it's if it's from the heart or not. Does that make sense?

In Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse 2 in the message translation says don't shoot off your mouth or speak before you thing. Don't be too quick to tell God what you think. He wants to hear. Don't be too quick to tell God what you think. He wants to hear God's in charge. Not you unless you speak the better. That makes sense. I'm a I'm a tail guy.

. Yeah, I got myself in this mess, but I need you to fix it.

When he don't jump through your who then you're mad at him. Can't tell God tell him what to do. Amen. Okay, so now I'm a go to church three weeks in a row, you know what I even paid my ties, you know, so listen I need you to do that's not how this thing works.

Can we keep this thing real because we got folks operating in all kind of churches doing that a man and then somebody who's new sees that they think that's how they're supposed to act. So this thing is perpetrate. Amen. We wonder why there's no power in the church. We wonder why God we went when people go to pray. I don't hear him. I don't send him. I don't feel him. You haven't spend time with him from the heart. Does that make sense? Amen? I like that that message translation of your mouth thinking you can tell God what to do. Rule number three already. We almost done.

Packed can you leave us alone for a minute now? You know what? I realized a long time ago. If somebody didn't push me in the right direction, I could be up here telling you all a lie. I could be up here telling you something. I think it's right not what the word says. But everything I'm teaching is based on the word. Amen. Not what I heard. Somebody say I find it in the world. I see what it says. I go to God In Prayer. He says that's what I want you to tell a man. Rule Number 3 you got to trust God.

God knows your need. I trust God. God knows your hurt. God knows your pain. I trust God. I know your financial situation. I trust God God knows your relationship situation. Got to trust God God knows when people have abandoned you and Miss used and abused still have to trust God God knows when people lie to you and when you have lied to people not to trust God. Rule Number 3 Prescott what somebody said what God knows what I need. Why do I have to pray? I love arrogant Christians.

By the way, I have to pray but you don't have you just keep doing what you doing. And you keep doing the same thing. You going to get what you always get. So it was prayer prayer demonstrates our need for God in our dependence upon it.

so God already knows our needs right now in this room we all have

We all have them don't think anyone in this room has got it all together. We all need God. We all depend on God. We all have to trust God. And we we have to know that God is going to answer our prayers when they're coming from the heart and is wet. But he will answer. Is that make sense? If you don't trust God guess how he knows. He knows your heart. email

the other thing is God is our father. And when you got a good daddy was a good daddy do a good mama will take care of you. Write a good Mama. Good daddy's not going to leave you hanging.

To the point that he will die from you leave you hanging with something that he can bless you with. Don't make sense. Why would God say he loves me, but he cares for me so much that he died for me. And then when I ask him for something I have to worry about whether or not he's going to give it to me or not.

Does that make sense?

I give into that space when I am when I'm not trusting God when it's more of me and less of him and so my prayers are really reflective on me. Not my trust in him. It's so when I come to him, it's almost like well. I'm asking you this but I don't really think you going to do it for me. Never had them prayers. When the back of your mind you ask God for something and you still got control over. You still trying to work it out yourself instead of you turning it over to God you being still and let God move in your life. I've been there. I'm only telling you what I've been I've asked God for stuff and I'm like over what if I do this, let me fix it. I don't know. Let me get over here with these people don't know let me go here. You know, I'm still trying to work it out. Even though I said, I gave it to God.

Touchdown in Santa Cruz, and we went and got checked me on this we would have what's called a <