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God's Glory

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God's Glory

* Wedding at Cana:

* 3 days after call of Peter, John, Andrew,Philip,& Nathaniel. 3 days to reach Cana in Galilee from Bethany near Jericho where John baptizing.

* Weddings usually lasted a week. (week long party)

* Jesus Mother invited. (Cana near Nazareth) Jesus invited as so was his friends. (just these few at this time)

* Wine ran out. Embarrassing for bride/Groom. The wedding was probably family to Mary so there was family honor at stake here.

* 6 water pots 20-30 gallons each. (lots of water Lots of wine)

* Water turned into wine.

* Jesus fist recorded Miracle. 7 mentioned in John's gospel. John calls them SIGNS.

* Called Signs. Cause they pointed to Jesus GLORY. Messiah ship/Divinity

* Was His glory revealed to everyone at the wedding celebration. No! Just a few people. (Water jug bearer, Jesus Mother) and

* Those early disciples saw His GLORY and BELIEVED

* Collect:

* "May your people; illumined by your word and sacraments, shine with the radiance of his glory"

* Jesus Glory is still manifest in his Church his People!

* God's Glory all about us: We see it with eyes of Faith. We experience it by walking in faith and Praying in Faith

* The great end in the work of creation (from beginning) was and still is to manifest God's Glory. (That is why we were made in God's image)

* The purpose of the Church is to Glorify God.:

* Church belongs to God. (sometimes you'd think it belongs to certain individuals) Read Colossians and see that we are all equal I God's family

* Christ paid a great price for it ( His life. Shed blood, shame, separation of bearing our sin)

* Eph 5:27 Compare relationship of Christ and Church to marriage: "that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish."

* The church is us:

* Church is not the building. (meeting place)

* We are to radiate Christ's glory: I believe that can be something visible. Don't see it much . Again with eyes of faith. (halos, auras,)

o Moses on Mt. Sinai 2nd time of receiving law. Had to cover his face until glory of God faded over time. Ex 34

o Transfiguration: Elijah, Moses & Jesus on Mt Hermon 9100 ft Ceserea Phillipi.

* How do we glorify God?

* Word of God reveals God to us and inspires us to Glorify Him.

* Spirit of God teaches us of God's ways and Justice We glorify Him.

* Following the Commandments of God Glorifies Him in living a righteous life.

* In Pauls explanation of the spiritual gifts he says: there are a:

o variety of gifts

o variety of service

o variety of activities

o " to each is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good." Building up the Body the church ( Ministry)

We Glorify God by using the gifts he gives us for ministry not only to the church but to the World so that Christ will be manifest everywhere and at anytime.

* World way: Does not glorify God!

o That is Why the church should be different

o Why we Christians should be different

o When we are like everyone else going along with the crowd giving in to the temptation of following the worlds ways which almost always are contrary to God's ways. WE DISHONOR GOD

o WE are to be different. Spirit led, God loving, God Honoring, God Glorifying men and women.

o Illumined by Word and Sacrament Shining with His glory so He will be KNOWN, WORSHIPED and GLORIFIED..

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