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NT Worship- Prayer

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New Testament Worship: Prayer

Text: Matt. 6.5-13

Thesis: To note the wonderful avenue of prayer available for all Christians and to study ways to

             enhance our praying to our God.


(1)    Remember that when one worships, he/she is obligated to do so “in spirit and in truth” (John 4.24).

(2)    Prayer is one element of worship that is too often taken for granted by most Christians.

(3)    The truth of the matter is that prayer is such a blessing available to Christians.


(a)    God only hears the prayers of the righteous (1 Pet. 3.12).

(b)    We, without Jesus, are unrighteous (Rom. 3.23).

(c)    Therefore, Jesus was sent so that we may be righteous (Rom. 6.23).

(d)   Hence, the avenue of prayer was made possible by the blood of Jesus Christ.

(4)  Let us note 3 points regarding prayer as found in Matt. 6:


I.                   Prayer is to be for the right purpose (Matt. 6.5-8):

A.    Some people will:

1.      Pray to be seen of men (v. 5)

a.       They would put on a show for people.

b.      They desired to be thought of by men as “holy.”

c.       That alone would be their reward!

2.      Pray using meaningless words (v. 7)

a.       Maybe, they use ten-dollar words to impress.

b.      Maybe, they fail to give thought about what they are saying.

c.       Maybe, they have a “set” prayer that is said every time without sincerity.

d.      Regardless, those prayers are “meaningless words.”

(1)     "The Pagans thought that by endless repetitions and many words they would inform their gods as to their needs and weary them (`fatigare deos') into granting their requests"  (Qtd. in Roberton’s Word Pictures).

(2)     Prayers without love are nothing (cf. 1 Cor. 13.1f.).

B.     Instead, we should:

1.      Pray to be seen of God (v. 6).

2.      Understand that God does not need “fancy” prayers for Him to hear us.

3.      Simply, pray from the heart!

II.                Prayer is to praise God (Matt. 6.9-10):

A.    One is addressing Almighty God when he/she is praying.

B.     Note the reverence that Jesus Christ had (v. 9).

C.     We are to reverence and praise God in all that we do, including prayer.

III.             Prayer is to petition God (Matt. 6.11-13):

A.    One should pray to God for things major and things minute, such as “daily bread” (v. 11).

B.     One should ask for forgiveness of sins (v. 12).

C.     One should ask to be delivered from temptations (v. 13).

D.    Keep in mind: “Thy will be done”


(1)    The point is Pray, Pray, Pray “without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5.17).

(2)    Are in living a life so that God is able to hear your prayers at this very moment?

(3)    If not, then come back to Him today.

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