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With Jesus, Our Soul's Thirst Can Be Quenched

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With Jesus, Our Soul’s Thirst Can Be Quenched


Text: John 4.4-14

Thesis: To note that Jesus alone can satisfy.


(1)    Have you ever been really thirsty?

(2)    Have you ever drunk so much that you could not envision ever drinking again?

(3)    Would you like to learn about a drink that will once and for all quench your thirst?


I.                   The Story:

A.     In Sychar of Samaria at the 6th hour (i.e., either 6 P.M. Roman time or noon Jewish), Jesus was at Jacob’s well when a Samarian woman approached him.

B.     She responds with sarcasm and bitterness to Jesus’ request for a drink.

C.     Jesus proceeds to tell her about “living water.”

1.      She is curious but fails to comprehend what Jesus is saying.

2.      Therefore, Jesus elaborates on the subject.

a.       Living water will forever quench one’s thirst.

b.      Living water brings about life eternal.

II.                The Application:

A.     Our soul’s thirst for contentment.

1.      We search for meaning (e.g., Solomon – Ecclesiastes).

2.      Nevertheless, we cannot find such apart from God.

B.     God is the source of living water.

1.      He is the fountain of living waters (Jer. 2.13).

2.      He is the fountain of life (Psa. 36.9).

C.     The living water produces eternal life.

1.      Isaiah called upon Israel to drink from this water so that they may live (Isa. 55.1-3).

2.      Connected with this is the Holy Spirit (John 7.38-39).

a.       The Spirit gives life (John 6.63).

b.      We receive the Spirit at baptism (Acts 2.38).

c.       Isaiah equates the pouring out of the Spirit to the pouring out of water on the thirsty land (Isa. 44.3).

D.     The living water brings about true contentment.

1.      With it, one can be permanently satisfied (Matt. 5.6).

2.      One will never again hunger nor thirst (Isa. 49.10; cf. Rev. 7.16).

3.      One will then have “the abundant life” (John 10.10).

E.      The living water is available to all who thirst.

1.      Jesus called all to come (cf. Matt. 11.28-30).

2.      Jesus died for all (cf. Heb. 2.9).


(1)    There is a drink that can quench your thirst.

(2)    Will you come to Jesus to have your soul’s thirst be forever quenched?

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