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And When You Pray

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You are amazing. amazing



Love you, too. Love you, too.

Good morning, UCF morning how you guys like that time change a little bit more tired than we used to be in but God is good over here in the house of the Lord to worship and praise the let's go ahead and stand our first song is amazing. And this is a song where you guys can participate you can sing the song with us being all the songs with it, but it's when you can really sing with as it's very easy. So anytime you hear us say you're amazing and you just repeat your amazing. Here we go.

You're amazing.

Who is this?

Where is the love?


Amazing. You're amazing.

You're amazing.

You're amazing.


Do you know when I'm driving?

Alright the next song glory to glory.

glory to glory

glory to glory

Tom Angela

Tell the generation from the mountains.

missing people crazy

Tell the generation.

Don't say anything.

Tell the generation. Mountain to the valley

To make sure that we give him as much energy as we did.

Yes, it is good.

Good. Okay, thank you. Yes, he is good.



Jessie Jessie, Jessie

Wait, the kids just left me. I can't believe they just left me didn't even give me the opportunity to say you're dismissed a children's church. They're like see you out of here, you know not trying to hit his stuff. What y'all talking about. We got fun things to talk about. Listen. Can you guys move up a little closer just move up little cuz we got this, you know just packing so we can feel a little more like family a man. So if you don't mind in the back just moving a closer a man. amen Cuz so let me tell you the reason why I need us to start doing that. So when we we get the video ministry operating in the church, we don't want it to look empty. Hey, man, so we just we need everybody to move up. So when people start watching the broadcast that we like all it's more than two people there.

That's not that funny. Okay.

We're going to continue this series on motive and prayer and last week. We talked about the motive of giving a man in and making sure that we're giving with the right motive in my name an in and not doing it for recognition of people but we're doing it for God a man. And so we going to go a little deeper in that scripture and that 6 chapter of Matthew and we go look at verses 5 and 6 today. So Matthew chapter 6 verses 5 and 6 today. before I do that

a couple things that's really important to me or else everything everything's really important. But a couple things are really important is that we really need you to pray about the church going down to this conference in Los Angeles and that's going to be in July July 25th through the 28th. In the reason. I believe it's important. Sometimes you have to get around people who are much better than you are doing the business a man and you have to get around people who can teach you and you can learn so that you're not operating as media media mediocre. Yes. Thank you. And so what I what I want to do is have as many leaders and members go down with us so that we can learn cuz sometimes hearing it from the pastor hearing from the first lady after we've been to a conference and kind of dilutes it but when you have in your hearing it first-hand you can bring to the table a man to man. Insights and thoughts, which will help us all so that conference in July 25th 26, you know, if you got to get vacation time to do it. If you're working. Please do try to let's try to get we going to get some bands and and and drive down but I need someone to help sister Sharon was Laverne what you help me help me with this. Thank you. Okay. Yeah, so so thank you God. Thank you Lord It's just okay. Alright, so we going to work with that cuz we have to make sure everybody is comfortable and then social events after the conference. You know, what we're going to do this evening and things like that and make it a real fun event for the church body. Amen. So that's the first thing second thing Easter Sunday and when so Sean said that it's really imperative because that is our time to go out and and evangelize that's evangelism time Easter Sunday is when we can go and talk to those who normally a don't attend church cuz typically they will come for Easter Sunday. And and also those who have been in church, but my church been hurt by church and their hesitant on coming back that's a great opportunity for us to show them the love of Christ. Amen and to give them a different perspective on what church and being a member and body and being a part of the body can be right cuz we're not into religion. We enter relationship a man. And so when people start seeing folks connecting saying, you know what that's not that bad. It's not so bad being a follower of Christ. I don't have to feel isolated where people are judging me. It's really important that they see that that it's that It's executed a man. And so pray about Easter Sunday service. I mean we going to have a Easter egg hunt for the kids, but more importantly we want to share with people the good news of Jesus Christ. Amen. So keep those things in prayer before I move on and I feel like such a starting next week at 10:30, we used to have pastries with the pastor. Now we going to have to take time with the past. I'm going to show you all of the stuff that many folks many of us are missing out on that. If you learn how to use the technology that were involved with, you know, all the announcement, you'll have the messages you can share with both and and the challenges sometimes people just don't know how to get that stuff on that phone or smartphone. So starting next week. I'll be out there and we going to get our smart you owns and pads and stuff like that and you can get on face life and hear the messages and and praise and all of that stuff like that. So I really want us to stay connected even when we're not here in the four walls. Amen. All right, y'all ready? Alright, let's Dan we going to read are foundational scripture, which is Matthew chapter 6 beginning with verse 5. We're going to reverse 5 and 6 together can everyone see on the on the monitor on the screen there? Alright, let's read together. When you pray don't be like the Hypocrites who love to play publicly on street corners. And then the synagogue where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth that is all the reward they will ever get but when you pray go away by yourself shut the door behind you and pray to your father in private. Then your father who sees everything will reward you and let's share our confession of faith. Repeat this after me. I am not moved. By what I see. or by what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God. The victory is mine. I haven't now. I can see it through. the eyes of my face in Jesus name. Amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord and give God a big hand praise as you are seated. Amen.

now when I when we dig into this message this message again is going to talk about motive and why we pray now this message is going to prick at your heart. It is designed to protect your heart to make sure that you understand prayer and why your your operating in that place of prayer. Now, this message is not in speaking to those who pray and moving people from just being casual about praying to taking prayer. Seriously a man and so where is that too if you prayer prayer the definition of prayers talking to God where there by thought or by Tone meaning verbally prayers in the address or to God word or think about you think

that can be all kind of guy but we not talk about any guys we talkin about that. I am a man. We as Believers Fellowship with him. And that's the one thing that God desires for all of us is that we fellowship with him. You cannot have a relationship with person if you don't spend time with them, right a man. Y'all know. I have a hard time staying behind a Pulpit. So it's going to be off to the side a man. Now. The challenge is this we all have these different relationships and some relationships are stronger than others because we spend more time in those relationships that when you stop a very honest about your relationship with God. I'm not talking about the outward relationship that we have four people. I'm talking about that relationship that we have with God. No wonder pound. Hitman That's what I'm talking about. I'm talking about what you do when your relationship with God when you don't have to cuz ain't nobody looking at you. You don't have to because you're not at church. It's what you do in your spare time. It is important for me to Body, does that who calls themselves Believers, right? We assume that people spend time with God, but if you realize it if you look at your life and those 24 hours, most of us will have to be honest and say you know what? I don't spend that much time we got.

One way that we can stay connected and in relationship with God a man and God wants to fellowship with us. And so he created this place of Prayer Will we can talk to him through thought. Or my work. Does that make sense?

And Isaiah chapter 43 and verse 10 the Bible says but you are my Witnesses God's decree. You are my hand pick servant so that you come to know and trust me. You can't no one trust God and let you spend time with him. Is that make sense? Understand both that I am and who I am and so the only way you going to understand who God is is if you spend time with them, does that make sense? Any tells in the Texas has previous to be there was no such thing as a guy nor will there be after me? So God is making the definitive. I am the only guy you can create all you want but there is only one God and that's me and I want to spend time with you. Tell your neighbor God wants to spend time with you. Now say it like you mean it.

amen now here in a text when we look at when we look at Matthew chapter 6 verse 31 verse 5. We realize Jesus is concerned how we pray. Now I can tell. All the time you can go to.

That's disrespectful. You want people to come to you anyway, so you can go to God anyway, so he's concerned with how we pray. So some people think they can just throw up. All my concern is that it's possible to pray with the wrong motives. You can be. Crime in Scotland doing all this and and God knows the motive that you have. is possible to be printed them prayers only go to the

because you don't have the right motive and you don't know how to approach guy and it is not the formality of it. It's what's in your heart. And so God teaches his disciples how to pray that we know how to come to God. Sometimes people think you just can say whatever you say and do whatever you want to do. However, you want to do it at Karen.

What's up, anyway in anything that people throw it? you're not going to So, why would the holy?

Anything less than what he wants. Does that make sense? That's not the challenges.

two different things I don't know. You can't treat me the way you treat your homeboy your homegirl. You can't say things to him and come to him just like he one of your dogs on your road. That's not how he operates. There's a reference in the respect that you must have forgot. There's a way that you come to God when you're petitioning him. And the problem is the world is told as we can treat God just and that's what would happen.

Virginia Kings and the Lord of lords if some church becomes just like everything else. It feels like everything else. I know Brandi was she said she went to a concert and it was doing all this but can you imagine what they did in that concert and then trying to come and give God that same thing. Don't work like that. He gave us and an outline. That we forgotten how to approach god with but know that he's concerned with how we approach them. Does that make sense? the right and wrong way

Yeah, we have to check ourselves. We have to be honest with ourselves and that's why I said this message will prick your heart for if you know that you have a not been going to be going to him in any way you see fit then God is going to show you that this is not the right motive to come to me with does that make sense?

Matthew verse chapter 6 verse 5 it says and when you pray not if you pray. Prayer is mandatory. and when you pray you shall not be like the hypocrites. You see in that in that chapter got Jesus uses the word hypocrite several times. So back in the biblical days. They called actor who wore masks Hippocrates Hippocrates or something like that, but it's it's when you wear a mask and nobody really knows who you are. People coming to church and they want to be religious and they come off as these individuals. Whose got it together. They can quote scripture and they can do all of this stuff and nobody really knows who they are because

And that's why Jesus addresses if he starred in the end in the the religious leaders back then and it's happening today all of these supposed to come and who know Bible who been in the church who have leadership roles. Were there all Hypocrites because there's a mask over. So he address is it he says when you come to me when you come to God don't be like the hypocrites. A man, he says they love to pray they love. Synagogues in on the street corners and they give these amazing prayers when people feel like man. I wish I could play like that but Jesus calls them hypocrites.

Cuz they're saying one thing but their relationship with God isn't there. And he did not want any of us and I tell you when I read the scripture and they prick my heart because he doesn't want us to be like that when we come to him. He wants us to come to him with honesty. And in truth not just because we know the word or we seen it happening Grandma used to pray like this in granddaddy used to pray like this and I saw the preacher pray like this. So this is what I'm going to do that being an actor.

So he wants us to give him his heart our heart when we pray. He wants reverence. a man what happens they're standing in the synagogues and they're on the street corners that they may be seen by men. Oh, man. Oh man. She's amazing. And you know what the Bible says.

Go back to the go back to the other one.

one back you jumped ahead of if surely I say to you they have their reward when you get up and pray before folks like that when you come off like that as soon as somebody say that a boy, you're all that. That's your reward. It didn't go up to God. He's not hearing that. You got your pad on your back. From the folks who saw you do it. Does that make sense? Now go to the next in the message translation says and when you come before God don't turn into a don't turn that into a theatrical production.

Some people after you here for a while. You can recite their prayers.

No, seriously. what to do when you pray from the heart it just comes out and it flows and it doesn't sound the same twice, you know, you may have a outline but when it's coming from the heart

That's praying for folks to see you and hear you. And the reason he was the reason why the labor here y'all we got to do this thing different. We cannot do it. Others are doing it because they're not getting any power from God because them being seen and heard and not God being referenced.

That makes sense.

And when you come in for a God don't turn it turn it into a theatrical production either all these people making a regular show out of their prayers hoping for stardom. You think God sits in the box seat. Waiting to see you perform. Hey, man.


even loving the prey It's not a sign that a person really knows God. You got watching Anthony say acting like this. Acting putting on that acne face, you know that make sense. the fact that a person really knows God means that he does pray no matter what a man thinks in his mind if he really knows. It really the guy you cannot go a whole week and not talk to God if you really love God and you know God you spend some time.

I don't care if she's here now, call her. Sometimes it you know, she just comes on my heart and I'll call you later. I just want to hear your voice. Sometimes she calls me and I'm busy.

What do you when you think about people and you want to be around people you spend time and you want to do the things to make sure they know you're thinking of them. So, how can we love God and not spend?

It's all these other folks to try to justify all yet. I'm saying Sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit there after. because most of them have not spend any time with God they left the job the world the TV the dish the social media and everything else take up their time, but haven't spent time with. Does that make sense?

You know what when you really want to be there nothing that would keep you from spending time talking with God. Then I seen you know, what?

Are you on the phone talking to that young girl, or young man? And y'all trying to figure out who's going to be the first one to hang up?

Now you hang up? No you hang up? No you hang up first. Let's hang up together. You hang up the phone. Can you imagine if you had that kind of desire to spend time with God be like no you hang up. You know who's going to win that one right asleep, but think about it. Where did that go? Where did that feeling go? Cuz we had it or you had it when you first accepted price remember being on fire for the Lord being excited about being saved and then all of a sudden I got in your way. You to do it this way and that way and this way and that way and then you sent you end up doing like this. Confused and going in circles cuz you can't figure out what these folks want to do spend time with me. Does that make sense?

You know what? This says something to the person who prays primarily in public and then them people praise little a little bit in private. You got a search. What was genuine? what we need are genuine p what we need a real people who really love the Lord not the church, but they really love the Lord Whitney people men and women to say, you know for God I want to spend time for God. I will give Harvest dispensary That's what we need. We don't need anymore. We we got enough religious folks.

how to walk in high

what is genuine it comes out?

There's some stuff. You just ain't going to say there's some places. You just ain't going to go when you really genuine about you.

Genuine with him not just to go to church but to be the church.

When you pray That prayer is to be offered to God both in church and in public. If you neglect praying, it's like a car running on empty all the time. You know, you can't get far when you just driving on fumes.

Understand what I'm saying when your tank is full you can go a long way, right? But when you when that that that when you start to panic cuz you know you need gas station is way down the line and thank God for these smarter cars cuz they tell you you only got a man. But that's how it is when you don't prank. You operating on fumes and when something happens and you need to go there and go to distance and get past some stuff. You don't have enough in you to push forward. It's a lot of these folks calling themselves a holy in and spiritual stuff. I bring those feelings cuz they haven't taken the time to pray.

So you come to me said brother. Can you help me sister? Can you help?

Does that make sense trying to get these empty church folks to help us and their tanks are empty.

But they can't stay there with you. See when you full you can stay when you prayed up. You can stay when when stuff is going on. You can stay you know, when you empty I can only give you this much and then I'm gone. We see him all the time. You know that.

Get ready to go cuz they empty. Go to tell me I didn't get anything out that message. You came empty. You won't even prayed up. When you get a bunch of folks who are empty and they come in Philadelphia. I need to be feeling well, you can bring them to the table.

Is that make sense? Hijacking. Can I get a CD fan in here Jason? Can you turn the switch off a man? Does that make sense? The we offer prayer to God both in public and in private. So let's talk about the poster print. No. I like this you can pray standing. Sometimes you have to clean inside of here Mark chapter 11 verse 25. It says when you assume the posture of Prayer. That means you prepare yourself, right? There's there's at what are you standing or sit? There? There's something in the pasta is not out where the pastor is in one. I said you you ready to go to God you ready to talk to you ready to talk to your best friend. You're ready to talk to your father. You ready to talk to the King of Kings?

In Mark chapter 11 verse 25 it says and when you assume the pasta prayer remember that it's not all about asking.

Do we think prayers always about asking God for something? I need I need. Can you give me a I need a blessing and can you give me I need some more anointing? I need I need all the time. Does that make sense? This is where I think folks gets ripped up. The Bible says if you don't have anything against someone. forgive if you got a problem with your brother or sister if they've hurt you and they've done you wrong and you're ready to go to God and pray you and that pasta and he plays it put it on your spirit. You know what you have against somebody you angry with somebody. What's somebody and you bout to come to me and prayer? Stop go back and forgive that person.

That's what the text is. Is that when you assume the positive prayer remember that it's not all asking. If you have anything against someone forgive so forgive we all know we got folks in our lives that we need to forget. Jesus is teaching us do not come to God In Prayer.

Who's done you wrong? They take care of that. And then I will hear you. Does that make sense?

They passed it makes sense.

Cuz here's what the text that I didn't make this up and send a text Mark chapter 11 verse 25 clean of sins. So we talked about putting the finger everybody else you did this and they did this in the wait a minute. Have you looked at you?

Have you forgiven that brother have you forgiven that sister? Have you forgiven mama or daddy or whoever it is? Have you gone to them in for giving them in your heart? That's the only way the Bible says he's going to be even him climb to deal with you and we wonder when we print.

I would never forgiven.

Does that make sense?

apostrophe apostrophe

the tongue twister and posture posture of Prayer All right. Prayer while kneeling is a picture of humility reverence and dependence on God. reason

You pray typically in your bear claws and we'll talk about that day. It's Reverend. It's giving God his due respect. Its operating in humility. It's it's chiseling away at the hardness in your heart and soul and I I love you. I respect you I care. I want a relationship.

So we kneel are we bow down to God. That makes sense. In Luke chapter 22 verse 41. He gives us an example. He says he pulled away from them about a stone's throw meltdown meltdown got on his knees and pray. That's his example for us in the future is chapter 3 verse 14. It's for this reason. I bow my knees to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. I bow. Anil I submit. I operate in reverence and humility when I'm operating in the pasture. Because of who he is a man. And if you just chapter 3 verse 14, the text says my responses to get down on my knees before the father.

All you have to do is look back in on your week. How many of us have spent time on our knees? 45

in reverence in humility and submission to the King of Kings to the Lord of lords Matthew chapter 6 verse 6 the Texas but you Point your finger at your neighbor if they bite you but you this is for you when you pray. I love God, you know what? I love that what he's left through the word of God. He gives us specific instructions. Is it but when you pray not not your mama, not your daddy, not your wife. Not your husband, but when you pray. Going to your room. And when you have shut your door. Pray to your father who is in the secret place and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly. Problem is when got prayer rooms. Where your prayer room at? Where's the place where you go in and shut the door? A place where you live at your prayer room. You got to have a problem because he says when you pray you going to your room. You shut your door and you pray to your father and when he sees you doing it secret not to be seen by man, but just having conversation with him. He will reward you openly. Is that make sense? So we got three prayer Motors. Number one write this down. You got to have the willingness to take time to pray. And I'm not talking about God is great. God is good. Let me thank him for our food at dinner.

amen We do that all the time. How to make a dog doing y'all laughing she know not to move until I say Amen.

She be looking at me like you've done.

So you got to have the willingness to take time to pray cuz he says when you pray it there has to be a will to pray you can me and I'm telling you I'm telling you you cannot continue to walk the walk of Faith with not having a prayer life. You cannot it's impossible. You will be operating on fumes and when stuff comes at you you won't know what to do, but when you prayed up. And you and spend time with God.

Does that make sense? You got to get take time to get along and pray it by yourself and pray. That's not a group thing. We pray we will pray and will have corporate prayer and there is intercessory prayer. There's all types of prayers. But when you print is what he's talking about, he's making this thing personal When you pray get in your closet and you pray amen.

So the second thing is you got to have a private place to deliberately that you deliberately choose for prayer. Where is your private place? How is it that we can be followers of Christ and don't have a private place where we can go and pray to our father.

We might be fooling each other but we showing full in God and the reason I'm I'm I'm laboring here is this there's some stuff we have been taught and we have seen that done line up with the word of God.

There's some stuff that we operate in and it's accepted in many areas of worship that does not line up with the word of God. You must have your own prayer life. You cannot wait to get down to the church to have this person pray for you and this person pray with you. You must have your own prayer life. Does that make sense?

How many of you seen that movie War Room? You know when 20 Havoc was going on and that's sister's marriage. She had a closet full of shoes and clothes and stuff. She clean that out. I remember that one saying I think she was sitting in there and she was just eating potatoes when I'm going to Justin that she then cleaned out the closet. She was just sitting there eating them chips or popcorn or whatever it was. I remember her, You know what I got an issue in my home. And some of us have issues in our homes, and we don't have prayer closet. Some of us got a closet full of all kind of stuff that can help us when when situations hit clear out some of that stuff and turn it into your prayer cloth a man that your prayer closet maybe in your bedroom on the other side of your bed where you normally get off. It might be your prayer closet might be in the closet of your room. Amen and maybe a place it might be in the bathroom early in the morning when you close the door and that's the only time you get but whatever it is find a prayer closet. Amen and don't wait for somebody else to come pray for you. You can pray for yourself. Is that make sense? And then the third thing is you must I have a personal relationship with God father son father daughter That's essential cuz God is our father.

He wants to spend time when it's chilled a man. So when you do it, you know think about it. Do am I willing to pray do I have a place to pray? and I'm am I trying to develop my relationship with. That makes sense. And some 91 verse 1 the Bible says he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the almighty whose power no foe can stand when I get in prayer and I get under the shadow of the most high unprotect.

Is that make sense? I'm protecting. It can be a whirlwind going around me. But we got a little puppy and sometimes when she's ready to sleep and you could be sitting there or lying there lay down and nuts right up against you. Cuz she's safe. She feels protective got to feel you. She's got to know that's how many of us should be with God got a feeling, you know, I got to be there. I got to spend time with you. I got to get into that place and I can't handle all of this stuff when I get into that place with you. I protect that make sense. and when you pray Don't be like the Hypocrites a man. Give God the praise. We going to the next steps. Amen. So next step.

Read Matthew 6 Matthew 6 read it daily. I threw a pop quiz on the Tuesday night bible say that I said how many sixteenths?

I didn't know I was coming in here for a test. I thought we would go eat.

You know what? They said check you just want to check your checks a man. If you don't check to see if folks are doing what what you're asking to do, you know, then if you wonder why I went outside of church and volunteer. A man that we still got some work get involved. He was out. Why because when you show up as a child of God, it changes the whole atmosphere of that thing. Get involved if you if you need if you are interested and you want to volunteer for something you don't call the office will will work with you to see if we can get you on some projects that you can volunteer or doing some community service stuff in my sister. Kim was going to go out and she's moving with that.

And then of course, we always need help in this ministry. If you can get there early, we always need setup help. We need volunteers out of I'm about to wear out all my volunteers and I need some new people to step up a man. I really we got the table and we got set up and we got break down. I mean, these are just things here. And so I don't want to wear out, you know, my few people who are committed to that. So if you can get up and get early, we're hearing 9:30 setting up and moving things around and you know, when this room is just empty when not empty. It's so that he say, but we have to sit all of this stuff. I'll get it all and then we need work. We need help at the church office a man. We got stuff. So if you have time, give us a call a man. Attend Tuesday night bible study a man and then invite someone to Sunday worship service. Can I count on you guys to do that? One of those things they may one of those things amen. Alright, so I just thank God for teaching us and we going to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to invite those who may not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior. Septum as your personal Lord and Savior. So if you have never accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior you never said I need God in my life. There's your opportunity when everyone to repeat this after me Heavenly Father. I'm a sinner. I need a savior. I believe Jesus died for me.

I believe he paid the price for me.

And I want to thank him for that. Not if you would accept me. I want to learn to live for you.

I need your help.

I want to do right. I want to do better. I can't do it without you. Set me as your child. I'll do my best. live for you for the rest of my life. in Jesus name amen That's you when you pray that prayer with your mouth.

You're saying. Jesus Christ as personal Lord and safe, but the work comes Tomorrow morning when you wake up. And you're like, what do I do now? That's when if you don't know anything else on your program, there's a church number call the church number. I will have someone get back in contact with you. If you have questions or you need a prayer partner or you need someone to walk with you through a different difficult situation.

Walk This Way

We have to have each other. Just trying to do it on their owners is just being out there and no man's at IHOP and we all started at the beginning. I did not. I didn't know you know who the prophets were the minor in the major.

step by step someone working with me and feature me in in and now look at what God is. A man and what he will do for me?

Until if you will trust him if you allow him to lead you and guide you and not just be your savior. But to be your Lord he's got amazing things planned for you a man. You've got a big hand the praise. Amen. And we're going to ask our greeters and ushers to get prepared and we're going to take our offering and then we'll have our young people report out. Amen. Thank you guys for getting up even though that you lost an hour. Thank you for getting up and coming down to church a man. But this card here this card here. If you have not filled this connection card out, please take a moment and don't don't rush. It will be here. I know sometimes when we see the bucket come and we think okay got to hurry up and finish but take the time. If you have a prayer request take the time to put your prayer request on there. Tell him I'll let you know after they check if you're still riding keep writing a man just keep writing and at the end of it will will collect it. But this is important. Because this is our connection to you. This is how we pray for you. This is how we know what's going on. And this is how we can be a blessing to you when you're not here. Amen. If you have a prayer request or praise report, please share it that I'm praying I'm asking my wife and my wife will get this I'm praying for our church fun. So so that we can move to the next level. I'm asking for prayer. I'm asking for prayer for our members. I'm asking that someone will join me and pray for those who haven't been here for a while pray for those who may have been offended or hurt by something and so we can all pray for each other just put it on the connection card. And also if you know something is going on keep your own prayer Journal just write down names of individuals put the past in the first lady down as soon as possible cuz we need prayer. It is not easy trying to leave the congregation and work to two businesses and their husband and a wife and you know, parents and uncles and you know and do.

And so the energy to get up and to keep going requires print and I cover her and she covers me but we could use our church family covering us as well as we pray for you. So don't forget about us a man. And I'm not I'm not a prideful man. I'll tell you I need prayer. I'm not a perfect man a man, so I'm not going to pretend like I and I don't want you to think I am a man I have a job to do as a servant of the Lord and that's to be a Shepherd or Steward over this congregation this flock a man and I will do everything I can to serve you to the best of my ability.

Hey, man, I think people would stop praying for pastors of first ladies. And then just assume everything that please keep us on your prayer list, you know her keep please keep praying for this church and the growth of this church. Amen. Pray for our young people pray for our seniors. You don't we just got some we went to a funeral on on on

Oh my God, that that's Funeral. Home was packed with young people. Bowling with young people in and so I know that there's a need because no one expected this young man and not to be here. You know another young lady in the in a business meeting at that over there at the Sweet Tomatoes massive heart attack and she died. I had a co-worker who he didn't show up to work went to work on Monday didn't show up on what Tuesday went Tuesday. They said they went to his house on Thursday massive heart attack. They found them inside of prayer is important and people are leaving up out of here and we know that we're not expecting them to leave either but they're leaving a man and so tomorrow is not promised and I and I don't do that to scare anyone. But when you go to a funeral service of a 27 year on you hear about people or just instantly die, you know.

So some of the things that were caught up in and tell me things that we thinking for really aren't that important we met because tomorrow is not promised. Those are dealing with issues and sicknesses and challenges and you're not aware and keep them in prayer. That's what family does that's what a connection is all about a man that so please don't forget about your family members here at UCF in that other churches elsewhere a man pray for him. Keep him on the prayer list a man. Alright young people y'all ready to report. I'll give God handle praise. amen

All my junior deacons and preachers and evangelist and fingers.

Is this my dance instructor here?

Okay today we were talking about The Sermon on the Mount and the scripture is Matthew 5:5 blessed are the gentle for they shall inherit the earth and they have a little skit that they want to show you guys today. Why do you come to me my child? Want to know I want to know how does he saved? I want to I want to know what I could do to go to heaven. imagine yourself as salt if your taste goes away you're worthless and has to be and it has to be thrown away.

Why do you come to me? My child my friends? Keep picking on me. What do I do turn to the other cheek? This means to turn around and walk away.

Why you come to my child in the dark you are a light you feel you're a light that cannot be heading that you are at the boy.