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The Gospel of Mark #34 - Watch! Jesus is Coming Soon!

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The Gospel of Mark #34:

Watch!: Jesus is Coming Soon!

Text: Mark 13:32-37

Thesis: To stress the need for constant readiness in view of the fact that Jesus’ return is at



(1)   In verses 1-31, Jesus describes the coming destruction of the temple and Jerusalem in A. D. 70.

(2)   Beginning with verse 32, Jesus discusses His Second-Coming.


I.                   The Story:

A.    In discussing the Second-Coming, “Jesus affirms that the time of the end is hidden from all humans, the angels in heaven, and even the Son” (Garland 502).

B.     Therefore, He stresses that “the sole preparation for the End is watchfulness and faithfulness in the present” (Edwards 406). [Note: “To ‘watch’ means to be alert, to stay at one’s best, to stay awake” (Wiersbe 1:158)]

C.     In order to illustrate this point, Jesus tells the parable of the doorkeeper in which he teaches that “the absent householder who may return expectedly is the Son of Man, and the slaves left on duty are his followers in the interval between his going away and his return” (France 545).

D.    Overall, His point is that “the time of the appearing of the Son of Man in glory is unknown, but the fact that he will come is certain. The church is called to live vigilantly of that coming” (Lane 484).

II.                The Application:

A.    Jesus’ return will be a surprise.

B.     Determining whether it will be a good or bad surprise will depend upon your constant readiness.

C.     Therefore, live each day with the anticipation of Jesus’ return.


(1)   If Jesus were to return right now, are you prepared to meet your Lord?

(2)   If not, then accept Jesus today as your Lord and be ready to meet Him.

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