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March 12, 2017 AM

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Are child support, Michigan?

We work.


and they are they come from you.

When you mark on your phone?

spring shoes

11 x 6

we do this also.

At the Church of God reached this world for Jesus Christ. We have missionaries not only in, Wisconsin. We have missionaries United States.

around the world We are missionaries in Ukraine.

We have a missionary Union France. Spain Africa, we have a missionary.

Right now today.

And I want to encourage everything.

Your mouth is not as critical. great condition

We're going to have faith promise party in the bulletin. We will get that.

I do not. We will have our secretary she will compile all of this. She will add it all together.

How many missionaries that we should support?

You will be blessed. people all over the world

What are the D thing you can get my last charge was?

We would have during our mission. 1 golden three different countries and share price

persecution genocide

call Drew. This is missionary work.

because of the church

you will never

Well this morning we are blue. Fishing with loss today one of them.

I am privileged to serve.


motivational Public School location

Absolutely, and we were wondering so what?

Let me tell you. A lot good. Just last week. We were on the road with Aaron telling is one of our schools and we communicate.

And evaluate one of these non-religious message. And would you believe with me?

All of the snap lined up in front because I believe it or not right now.

They haven't been reminded that there's a creative who loves them Place Eternal Valley.

We're not allowed to bring into Kauffman.

Know the Bible says that we got to get this week.

7 year anniversary jersey was Marlena


Plymouth Camden joy and the Heritage do this together while I'll every year.

Grab the time frame for me.

the public

high school

surrounding communities

Staff members in our we need to pray to God.

gimp string

And it's also the fact that you're so many different ways.

Credible and I praise God for you. I pray for you.

Auburn jumping as we prepare D4 dance ministry. I just pray to God that you will watch over him. Once my Lord. I pray all the news that he has.

Give you praise in Jesus name. Amen.

Awesome. Good morning.

I got another way students or parents or teachers. All you have to do is text that work for that number and will begin the dialogue and we can make this happen this year, and I'm excited to see you.

You know that I got that a plan for the city. I need not done yet where we have to depend on him or if we were just kind of missed your community that has more information there. I would love to dream with you through this process. I am available as much as you may or may not.

For waking up this morning right now. I just think.

And how will they know?

regeneration of

But sharing the ministry platform in the morning. And it is my hope my heart being my true desire that every single one of us will leave this.

You have your problems turn to Luke chapter.

Luke chapter 5 verse 1

I just have a question for you.

And I remember going to a movie with some friends and during this movie. I noticed that my left. Started to burn a little bit.

no idea

I remember sitting next to my friends wiping tears away.

Governor Stumpy's not right Culver's which is what Jesus would do.

Works outside my mouth florist on my chin and all of my shirts and I'm still 314.

Discover half of my face is paralyzed. I could not move a muscle on the side of my face. I tried smiling. And my mouth hold all the way over here because none of the muscles over here.

I tried raising my eye.

I look at my wife.

And after you verify that I wasn't having a stroke. That was his diagnosis.

In 2 weeks you'll be fine.

3 months later still taking my laptop shut every night. I'm putting eye drops in my mind.

The moment where you look in the mirror and glass with light. Have you ever had?

A neutral feeling towards you. negative

Have you ever been in conversation with some? You been unable to hear what they're saying because all you can think about is what's wrong with you.

I had to speak every week.

My face is doing what it was doing and I was invited to help at an event.

I came down fellow Halsey. I called the organizer.

To know if you can do it. I want you to

But he said that. I went to kids last that year. the musicians that I got served with

And I remember stopping in before work properly and I was by the way.

Open people.

All looking at me.

And I walked out the platform after the last song is done in the last service.

everybody knows

inspirational I didn't feel anything.

About having it all together.

that's not looking for men and women that don't have I need to depend on him for everyday

looking for men and women that will holding in their circumstances.

And that's the essence of Christianity Church. Will you fully commit your circumstance to the Lord all of it? 100% 360 degrees in every direction. Will you fully follow Jesus in your circumstances regardless of the situation?

But that means we must submit our circumstance. I discovered that I can really funny in the midst of challenging us.

And I Cry.

You will overcome difficult times.

best Timely

Whatever whatever he's leading you to do right now in this vase. You would say yes. I want to take a look in the story chapter 5 of some men who in their circumstances. They said yes to Jesus.

Monday is Jesus.

You were washing their nuts. He got into one of the both the one belonging to Simon and he asked him to put out a little from Shore.

picture this with me Jesus as a people following him They follow him 280 Shoreline next to the lay of Janessa. and his life is so that people are able to

and Jesus season 2

A Long Day's Work and Jesus getting into the

I want you to know that. some of us walked in theology But that's just a really fancy word for a broken understanding of God.

And if you let me I want to put it back. On a lie to me has been doggin you for weeks months and years. This is the life that you got to earn God's love.

That you got to be good and then got to be good to you.

May we never forget the gospel in the Declaration the Gods in your nothing to do with business and everything.

in the moment

believe walk and Sons and Daughters of our God.

My children don't live in fear and trepidation about being kicked out of my house. Why because they are my children? I am committed to them for the rest of their life regardless of the mistakes. They have made.

Let me liberate.

adore you Jesus is in the very first base where these men feel and he's there to ministering out of that. Very space.

Christ died for us

he is so loving spend as

Perfect. Love drives out all fear.

after Jesus finishes ministering assignment put out in the deep water and let down the Nets.

Isn't that fascinating?

if I were

You didn't produce. Why would I tell him to try again? Well, that's the economy of the cross.


There's a danger when we think we no longer muselk. That's when we should really getting concerned. That's actually where we should have some extra. Thought we needed.

If we don't think we need his assistance in is producing her life.

What is not a call to comfort?

Crosman pulse sacrificing suffering UTM last name

the decision to me

and you been like I'm not sure if you ever got that. And don't forget about the crowd. people all watching him in Jesus

I wish you would someday. That's not what he supposed to do. the space between the command and the completion

Having opinions of me. What am I?

changes everything

we've worked hard all night. Haven't got anything.

That's what I'm screaming at you.

To take the easy way out. easy way out for Simon

You know Jesus. Thank you, but no. Thank you.

I'll take a rain check.

Diamond Head made that decision stewarded the space between never would have seen the unbelievable.

Call how many of you would like to see a miracle before you die. Like a legitimate rip your socks off your feet blow your mind mirror. Okay, next question. How many of you love to be in situations that require mirror?

Not this guy. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I don't like

The Lord's Prayer

It's not easy. Living Faith Jack cities easier in the short-term


The truth is we weren't meant to live here.

Walking With Jesus Living With Jesus

When I was evil, we enter the season while we weren't doing the crazy jerseys.

We were praying. How much skews me. hardly

It's not a lot of money for you. Please give me after service.

I have an idea I would like to hear with you.

We did not have $1,000 to give. We had the decision to me. What will we do in the space between Between the command and the complete, what will we do?

And what?

How many people?

We got to go, right. And so it was that time every year the greatest change the federal government.

And the previous year we had to write a check.

2010 you were getting like that. How much did the Lord promised to get more members?

Are we fun with 1200? McDonald's sauce

You said we create? I would do it but

what are you doing?

and so we decided

it was amazing because in that time we had paid for another vehicle.

and before the money for the federal government


2 days later go back to Minnesota picked up the car.

You have the right $1,000 check.

When you and I live this way. Without resources. We are free. When we live this way and believe in the first place. Were you late? The truth whatever you cling to has ran over you.

And let's let him go the temporary. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

It all hinging really on our cooperation.

What are we doing this baby between the two man?

tired Jesus But I'll do it anyway. Which is a really great answer to train yourself against the law. Because when you say yes.

Even though you're tired, you're setting yourself up for miracle. Understand that we're un you're just beginning to discover. All then you can do.

They have done so a large number of fish that they're nothing against of rake. So they stick out their Partners in the other boat to come and help them and they came and filled both both so full that they begin to think what you think Jesus is.

Simon Peter saw this

the human and natural

Jesus said Simon don't be afraid. from now on YouTube assure left everything and followed him. Never forget that the purpose of the miraculous in our life is to advance God's Kingdom in and every corner of them are world.

and the purposes even though World War I

this is most dangerous fart this morning.

I don't feel let me tell you. Because this is where we decide. Are we going to be hearers of the word?

60 Seconds

What do you want me to do?

Call I give you permission.

45 more seconds

Who loves you more than any other?

see my family and I

But it's not easy.

5 years ago


We had to watch a beautiful little girl.

And it's in that moment. ReDiscover really quickly

if you expect God to give you the

Give you.

to you

Apologies as well.

Say yes in every circumstances.

interacting intersecting with the perfect Today we are imperfect people interacting and intersecting with a very perfect Gotham. Let me know that you have miracles in door right now in this second you have for vision beyond our wildest dreams. You have healing that is beyond beyond.

Because you're here.

true definition of gay

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