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Won't He Do It (2)

W. Rob Lewis
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Won’t he do it?

Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.

Once again we find ourselves looking at a scripture written by Paul. This letter is written to the church at Thessalonica. Which is located in Macedonia.Now if you were here for the last message , you know what Macedonia represents. But Paul was able to plant a church there , and these new converts needed instructions. Paul writes to them about faith and conduct. Paul writes then about testing doctrine and the holy spirit, and the coming of the Lord. These our the same things we need today.
But the scripture that was read in your hearing verses 23-25 of the concluding chapter is what I would like to concentrate on.
Earlier in the chapter Paul says that we ought to test everything,
Keep what is good, and abstain from evil.
and God is there for us.
We have to have some spiritual discernment. We should be able to tell wrong from right. because everything that looks right is not right. And everything that looks wrong may not be wrong.
They told Jesus healing somebody on Sunday was wrong, but it was the right thing. And just because somebody acts like they all holy and sanctified does not mean they are Jim Jones killed a whole lot of folks because they trusted him and drank the poison kool-aid. I just not going to drink anybody Kool-Aid! Jim Jones preacher/leader

The God of Peace

This God of Peace , peace is what happens when we align our hearts with heaven. Peace is a wholeness of body ,mind and spirit so that we our one with Christin will and purpose of God. When you are in his will then you can have peace.
We have to understand that our struggle is not ours alone. We have to realize that we serve a God who sits high and looks low. That we are not Christians in a vacuum, that God has plans for us, that God is our strength and our protection. That this God who we serve will not leave us in the battle by ourselves.
A couple of weeks ago, the news was full of information on Bao Bao, the Panda bear that was being shipped back to China.
Bao Bao like every Panda was born 3-5 ounces to a mother of 200 pounds. During the first weeks of life the baby Panda is helpless, hairless, blind and unable to walk. The mother Panda, literally does nothing but protect and raise it baby. Sometimes the mother Panda does not move ,eat or do anything in order to protect it’s baby. It shields the baby from the harshness of the world. That how this God of peace does us, with his grace and mercy.
He covers us, and provides us with his spirit.
So that we might be found Holy. Paul says he sanctifies us . He provides his wholly Spirit!


We are a royal priesthood, a chosen people, called out of darkness into his marvelous light. We our not like those who have not been saved, sealed and redeemed by the blood of Christ. We are not better than, they because but for the grace of God there we are. but we are different. We know right from wrong, and we walk upright always doing the right thing(yeah sure we do).
But this God we serve sent his Holy Spirit to provide us with the weapons and the power to be better, and do better.
And this God we serve called us, and because he called us he will deliver us.
We can’t do this on our own. This being holy, this process called sanctification is a God thing, A holy spirit thing. God equips us God transforms us. he called us and therefore he equips us. He calls us and then keeps us so that one day he can say well done my good and faithful servant. And he gives us his word , his spirit and his word. And it is up to us to take what God has provided.
Obeying instructions. head Carpenter was building a building. His helper carpenter asked him why he was doing something a certain way. The head carpenter said i am not a contractor , but I have his instructions so i am doing it just like he says. i am following instructions. Later , The head carpenter saw the helper carpenter, going to church, and living in a Christ like way, and he said why are you doing all that, it don’t take all that. The helper carpenter held up the bible, and said I may not be contractor, but i can follow instructions. If following instructions is good enough for building a house, it certainly should be good enough to in building a life.I realize that he is not through with me yet and he one day, he will finish what he started in me, but until that day I got to keep following his way and his will.
It is love, prayer, and paying attention to the word of God that will keep me ready for Jesus. the Spirit of God will build me up!

He is Faithful

This God we serve is faithful. he was faithful to Abraham, he was faithful to the Israelites, As we just celebrated he was faithful to our ancestors, and he is faithful to us.
he has made promises and God can not lie.
he has promised to never forsake us
he has promised to make a place for us
He has promised us a comforter
he has promised us power
he has promised to provide, to heal to comfort
Access to God
Christ will intercede for us
Eternal life
name in the book of life
Victorious living
His sheep will hear his voice, and he promised a good work
As long as I am in his will, and doing according to his purpose ,he will take care of me, he will deliver me he will, because he can. But i must be in his will and living according to his purpose. that is where the holy spirit and sanctification come in.
God is not a man that he should lie
Balam and Balak
Balak tried to hire a to curse Israelites.
Balaam was on his way, but an Angel barred his way but he couldn’t see the angel and the his donkey would not go forward because he saw the angel with the sword.
Balaam beat the animal, and god let the donkey speak. Haven’t I been with you all of this time, why have you beat me, Balaam then saw the Angel and realized the animal had saved his life. The angel told Balaam that the Israelites were protected by God and he should not curse them.
You see if you are in God’s will can’t anybody hurt you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and tongues raised up against you shall be condemned.
So i not looking for the enemy in front of me nor the enemy on my left or right, but i am looking to the power of God to preserve me. i know i got haters, Know i got problems , but this God that i serve, can make away out of know way. this God that i serve had done it before and i know he will do it again.
The God of grace, the God who has a kingdom in heaven and soon to have a kingdom on earth, This God of promise and this God of peace.
i know he will do it, won’t he do it !
God doe save a person and then leave him. God calls and justifies by grace, he sanctifies by grace, And I am so glad that he does.
For he is coming back, the lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout , with a voice of an archangel, and the sound of the trump. And we shall be caught up.
God fixed me up, make me blameless, work on me until you call me home.
This is my hope. not that I am so good but that Christ is!
Not that i am so perfect but Christ is
Not that I am so great but that Christ is.
Old hymn put it this way
My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
  All other ground is sinking sand.
What can I say but if God be for me who/what can be against me
And I know that one day when this old life is over, i have a house not made with hands, that my Lord can present faultless before the throne, with exceeding great joy!
Though i walk in the middle of trouble MyGod will protect me
He shall stretched forth the power of his mighty hand against my haters
My God shall save me
My God shall preserve me
His mercy shall comfort me
His grace shall protect me
His power endures forever, and he is able!
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