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The Fruit of the Spirit #6:


Text: Gal. 5:22-23

Thesis: To examine the “what” and “how” concerning goodness.


(1)   Illustration – Driving the church van … wearing a church shirt

(2)   Let us examine this fruit of the spirit.


I.                   What is goodness?

A.    Goodness (Gr. agathosyne)

1.      “Positive moral quality characterized esp. by interest in the welfare of others” (BDAG)

2.      “Uprightness of heart and life” (Thayer’s)

3.      “Positive moral qualities of the most general nature” (Louw-Nida)

4.      “That which is both upright and honorable as combined with and tempered by generosity” (Shelly 110)

B.     Illustrations:

1.      Dorcas (Acts 9:36 – Always doing good)

2.      Barnabas (Acts 11:24 – A good man, full of the Holy Spirit)

a.       Acts 4:36-37 – Sold land to help others

b.      Acts 9:26-29 – Ministered to Paul

c.       Acts 11:22-26 – Went to work with Gentile church in Antioch of Syria

d.      Acts 13:1-3 – Worked with Paul on missionary journey

C.     “A good person is honorable in conduct without being condescending toward those who act dishonorably; righteous without being self-righteous; urgent to defend the truth without leaving the impression that he knows all of it himself; and separated from sin without setting himself up as the judge of others’ behavior” (Shelly 116).

II.                How do we display goodness?

A.    Remember who you represent

B.     “Practice what you preach”

C.     Consistency

D.    Look for opportunities to help others

E.     No limitations

F.      Doesn’t go unnoticed


(1)   Would your closest friends, co-workers, etc. be shocked to hear that you are a Christian or be able to attest to the fact that you live the life?

(2)   It is has been said that the greatest harm that is being done is this world today is Christians who live one way on Sunday and differently the rest of the week.

(3)   Bear the fruit of the Spirit, goodness!

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