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The Fruit of the Spirit #8:


Text: Gal. 5:22-23

Thesis: To understand what gentleness is and to learn how one can display it in his/her

              daily life.


(1)   We live in a day and age of anger and short tempers.

(2)   As Christians, we must be people of gentleness.


I.                   What is gentleness?

A.    ‘Gentleness’ (Gr. prautes) means “the quality of not being overly impressed by a sense of one’s self-importance, gentleness, humility, courtesy, considerateness, meekness” (BDAG).

B.     This word is best defined by looking at Jesus.

1.      He is “gentle and humble in heart” (Matt. 11:29, NIV).

2.      He was not quarrelsome (Matt. 12:19-20).

3.      He had the mind of humility and obedience (Phil. 2:5-11).

4.      He was willing to wash the disciples’ feet (John 13:12-17).

C.     In the Old Testament, Moses was described as the meekest man upon earth (Num. 12:13).

D.    As Christians, we are to be meek (Matt. 5:5).

E.     “It is when we have prautes that we treat all men with perfect courtesy, that we can rebuke without rancour, that we can argue without intolerance, that we can face the truth without resentment, that we can be angry and yet sin not, that we can be gentle and yet not weak. Prautes is the virtue in which our relationships both with ourselves and our fellowmen become perfect and complete” (Barclay 121).

II.                How do we display gentleness?

A.    “Turn the other cheek” (Matt. 5:38-39)

B.     “Vengeance belongs to the Lord” (Rom. 12:19)

C.     “Speak the truth with love” (Eph. 4:15; 1 Pet. 3:15-16; Gal. 6:1)

D.    Key = Humility!


(1)   We must have our emotions under control.

(2)   Are you a person of gentleness?

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