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The Seven One's #4 - One Lord

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The 7 One’s #4:

One Lord

Thesis: To note that Jesus is Lord and to suggest how we must live accordingly.


(1)   In the U.S.A., we are accustomed to living in a democracy.

(2)   However, in the Kingdom of God, we live in a monarchy with Jesus as Lord.

(3)   Let us attempt to better understand what it means to have Jesus as our Lord.


I.                   First, what does it mean for Jesus to be Lord?

A.    ‘Lord’ (Gr. kurious) is used in different ways:

1.      First, it is sometimes applied to humans who have been placed in charge of something or someone or who sit in a position of authority such as a king.

2.      Second, it is sometimes used as a divine name for God or Jesus.

3.      Third, it is oftentimes used in reference to God or Jesus with an emphasis upon the authority that belongs only to God or Jesus.

B.     In our context, ‘Lord’ is used as described in #3.

II.                Second, why must we crown Him as Lord?

A.    Obviously, He is Lord whether we crown His as such.

B.     However, we will be saved only if we crown Him as Lord in the here and now (cf. Rom. 10:9-10).

III.             Third, how do we crown Him as Lord?

A.    We must begin by relinquishing our control.

B.     Then, we must wholly submit to Jesus’ control and follow Him on His terms.


(1)   Have you named Jesus as Lord of your life?

(2)   Remember, one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, but you must do that now if it is to have any bearing on your salvation.

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