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The Seven One's #3 - One Hope

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The 7 One’s #3:

One Hope

Thesis: To note the hope that Christians have in Christ.


(1)   Everybody needs hope in something in order for life to have any meaning.

(2)   Let us look at the hope that Christians have in Christ.


I.                   What is this hope?

A.    ‘Hope’ (Gr. elpis) is defined as:

1.      “The looking forward to something with some reason for confidence respecting fulfillment … expectation” (BDAG)

2.      “That in which one confides or to which he flees for refuge” (Thayer’s)

B.     2 key components:

1.      Desire

a.       This desire is for something we don’t have and have not seen (cf. Rom. 8:24-25).

b.      Obviously, this refers to Heaven and all of the blessings to be enjoyed in the life to come.

2.      Expectation

a.       Our expectation of receiving our desire is not on the basis of our own goodness.

b.      Instead, our expectation is on the basis of the promises of God and the blood of Jesus.

(1)   God cannot lie and will always keep His word (cf. Heb. 6:18).

(2)   The blood of Jesus is said to wash our sins away and to cause us to stand justified before God (cf. Matt. 26:28).

II.                Why is this hope so crucial?

A.    Without hope, there would be no motivation for living the Christian life.

B.     With hope, there is every reason in the world for us to sacrifice all for God.

III.             How can we have this hope?

A.    First, we must become a Christian (cf. Acts 2:38).

B.     Second, we must faithfully walk as a Christian (cf. 1 John 1:7).


(1)   Do you have the Christian’s hope?

(2)   If not, would you receive it today by receiving Jesus?

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