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What Christians Do With Evil

2 Timothy: Fan The Flame  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  31:49
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2Ti 3:1-13. Tony van Drimmelen. What do we really know about sin and evil? At best we are naive and at worst we are in denial. Paul provides a catalogue of evils in his day (the last days) and demonstrates that he is painfully aware of its impact. He warns Timothy to have his eyes wide open to evil and the creep of evil in the home, church and the world. In so doing he reminds him of how the Lord has rescued him. It becomes another reason to boast of the powerful work of the gospel in the face of suffering. We need to know enough about the reality of evil in our times to understand how great-a-rescue Jesus has accomplished for us. Now if only we will share that good-news story with those ensnared by evil.

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