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Psalms - The BIBLE, Yes, that's the book for me

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The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, that’s the book for me!


Text: Psalm 119

Thesis: To prove that God out of love gave us instruction and that we who desire Heaven are to

 have a deep love for God and His instruction.



(1)    Some basic facts regarding this psalm:

(a)    Psalm 119 is generally known by people only because it is the longest chapter in the Bible (176 verses).

(b)    It is an acrostic psalm that has 22 divisions and each division beginning with a different letter from the Hebrew alphabet (22 letters in that).

(c)    Each verse deals with the same topic: The Bible!

i.                    Is the Bible that important?

ii.                  What about saying something about God, etc.?

(2)    Let us note a few highlights that this psalm teaches us about the Bible:


I.                   The Blessings we can have because of the Bible:

A.    We may be blameless (v. 1).

B.     It keeps us pure (v. 9).

C.     It helps to keep us from sinning (v. 11).

D.    It is our counselor (v. 24).

E.     It will strengthen us (v. 28).

F.      It is our comfort in affliction (v. 50).

G.    It is a lamb to our feet and a light to our path (v. 105).

H.    It gives us understanding (v. 130).

I.       It helps us to live (v. 144).

J.       It is everlasting truth (v. 160).

K.    It will deliver us (v. 170).

II.                The Attitude that we should have about the Bible:

A.    We should treasure it (v. 11).

1.      It is worth more than fine gold (v. 127).

2.      We come to long it (v. 131).

B.     We should mediate on it (v. 15).

1.      We should want to be taught by it (v. 26).

2.      It helps us to hate false ways (v. 104).

C.     We should delight in it (v. 16).

1.      We recognize that it is good (v. 39).

2.      We come to love listening to God (v. 47).

D.    We should trust it (v. 42).

E.     We should observe it (v. 145).

1.      Note: “by keeping it according to Thy word” (v. 9b.)

2.      God has given us this instruction so that “we should keep them diligently” (v. 4).

3.      James tells us to be doers of the word (James 1.22).


(1)    The same love that gave us Jesus gave us the Bible.

(2)    One cannot separate God from His Word.

(a)    If we truly love God then we truly love His Word.

(b)    Examine your own life and see how much time you spend listening to God.

(3)    God is telling us today how that we may go to Heaven, are we listening and being doers?

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