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Philippians #5 - Shine Like Stars

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Philippians #5:

Shine Like Stars

Text: Phil. 2:12-18

Thesis: To note the need for and the how to of exerting a positive Christian influence.


(1)   After noting Jesus’ example of humility leading to exaltation, Paul changes the focus to the Philippians and stresses some practical application for them.

(2)   At the end of verse 15, Paul admonishes the Philippians to “shine like stars.”

(3)   Let us note how we can “shine like stars.”


I.       First, one must focus in on his own relationship with God.

A.    In verse 12, Paul encourages the Philippians to “work out” their “salvation.”

1.      The “working” obviously implies effort and steadfastness.

2.      As for the “fear and trembling,” the idea of “wonder and awe” more correctly conveys the thought than that of punishment for a failure to work.

B.     In verse 16, Paul tells them how to work out their salvation; i.e., to hold to the word of life.

C.     In verse 13, Paul reminds the Philippians that God provides help.

1.      God “produces in believers both the desire to live righteously and the effective energy to do so” (EBC).

2.      Obviously, God wants you to be saved and will do all that He can do to help you; however, you must also do your part in accepting this salvation and living the life demanded as a result of this salvation.

II.    Second, one must focus in on his relationship with others.

A.    In verse 14, Paul demands that the Philippians stop complaining and/or arguing.

1.      “The passage is influenced by Deuteronomy 32:5, and the example of Israel's complaining, which was chiefly against God, was used elsewhere by Paul to instruct the church (1Cor 10:10)” (EBC).

2.      Basically, how can Christians impact the world for good if they cannot get along with one another?

B.     In verse 15, Paul pleads with the Philippians to live their lives in such a way that causes others to take notice and be drawn to Christ.


(1)   As often said, the best sermon is one that is seen in the day to day life of a Christian.

(2)   Are you living a life that is impacting this world for Christ?

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