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Philippians #2 - Good Out Of Bad

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Philippians #2:

Good Out of Bad

Text: Phil. 1:12-20

Thesis: To stress that regardless of your current situation, good can come out of it.


(1)   At first glance, Paul’s imprisonment would seem to be a bad thing.

(2)   However, Paul’s imprisonment proved to be a good thing.


I.       Because of Paul’s chains, Christ was known (vv. 12-14).

A.     Instead of hindering the progress of the gospel, Paul’s imprisonment was a means of advancing the gospel throughout the Roman Empire.

1.      ‘Advance’ (Gr. prokopen) “originally denoted making headway in spite of blows and so depicted progress amid difficulties” (Gustav Stahlin, Prokope TDNT, 6:704).

2.      As Paul would be chained to a Roman guard 24 hours a day (shifts changing every 6 hours), then Paul had plenty of opportunities to evangelize.

B.     Further, Paul’s imprisonment served as a source of encouragement for other Christians to evangelize the lost.

II.    Because of Paul’s critics, Christ was preached (vv. 15-18).

A.    Many people were preaching Jesus, but out of different motivations.

1.      Some were preaching out of envy and strife and selfish ambition.

a.       Many various attempts have been made to identify this group (e.g., pagans, Judaizers); however, Scripture does not give us enough information to be dogmatic about any possibility.

b.      Still, we can know that their intention was to cause more trouble for Paul during his imprisonment.

2.      Some were preaching out of goodwill (i.e., pure motives).

B.     Paul doesn’t praise their motives, but instead praises the fact that Jesus was being preached regardless of the motives.

III. Because of Paul’s crisis, Christ was magnified (vv. 19-20).

A.     Paul knew that he would be delivered (i.e., spiritually) regardless of the physical circumstances because of his faith, the prayers of the Philippians and the Spirit’s provision.

B.     Overall, Paul wanted to be sure that Christ was always magnified by him.


(1)   Surely, good can come out of bad (cf. Rom. 8:28).

(2)   Regardless of your current situation, use it for the glory of God!

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