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Philippians #10 - Content with Jesus

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Philippians #10:

Content with Jesus

Text: Phil. 4:10-23

Thesis: To note that Jesus is able to bring about true contentment.


(1)   As Paul brings his message to the Philippians to a close, he takes the time to thank them for all that they had done and were doing for him.

(2)   Even more, he discusses the secret of being content.


I.       First, contentment is not about physical circumstances.

A.    We live in a time of “want” and in a time where there is never “enough.”

B.     Paul notes that physical circumstances truly play no role in real contentment.

C.     E.g., Solomon put this theory into practice as he searched for happiness in every possible physical way only to keep reaching the same conclusion of vanity (Ecclesiastes).

II.    Second, contentment is all about spiritual circumstances; i.e., Jesus.

A.    With Jesus, we have the power to overcome any obstacle.

B.     With Jesus, we have “more than enough.”

C.     Note: This is the same conclusion that Solomon reached (cf. Ecc. 12:13).


(1)   Jesus is the secret of being content!

(2)   Do you have Jesus?

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