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You are the Epistle of Christ

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You are the Epistle of Christ


Text: 2 Cor. 3.1-3

Thesis: To note that Christians exert an influence daily that either helps or harms the cause of

        Christ; therefore, Christians must exert a positive influence that aids in the church’s growth.


(1)    In Wendell Winkler’s classbook, The Christian and His Influence, he drives home the point that all people exert some type of influence in any situation every single day.

(2)    The Bible stresses the importance of exerting a positive influence.

(a)    Matthew 5.13-16 – Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

(b)    The church’s name is marred time and time again because of hyprocrites.

(3)    Recently, we looked at why we should wear the name Christian with dignity.

(4)    Today, we will look at some ways that we can do that:


I.                   We can study.

A.    2 Tim. 2.15 – A workman, rightly dividing

B.     Hosea 4.6 – Destroyed for lack of knowledge

C.     1 Pet. 3.15 – Always being ready to make a defense

II.                We can be steadfast.

A.    Phil. 1.21 – Live is Christ

B.     1 Cor. 15.58 – Always abounding

C.     Rev. 2.10 – Faithful unto death

D.    Rom. 2.1, 21 – Not say one and do another

III.             We can sacrifice.

A.    Luke 9.23-24 – Die to self, Take up cross daily

B.     Matt. 6.33 – Seek 1st – Is it the most important thing to you?

C.     Love the lost, Help the needy, Be a friend, Make a difference


(1)    Be able, like Paul, to say, “Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ” (1 Cor. 11.1).

(2)    Allow your life to be lived so that men may see your good works and glorify God (Mt. 5.16).

(3)    If you haven’t been living a life that could positively be read by others, then make things right today and begin to honor your Lord with your life.

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