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Leadership 101 #4

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Leadership 101 #4:


Text: Nehemiah 5:14-19

Thesis: To learn how to handle promotions as we lead.


(1)    Have you ever received a promotion?  How did you react to it?

(2)    Have you ever encountered people who abused their authority?

(3)    Thomas Carlyle wrote: “Adversity is hard on a man; but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity.”

(4)    Nehemiah was appointed governor of the land.  Let us note how he handled it:


I.                   He had the proper motive:

A.    He feared God (v. 15b.).

1.      Solomon noted that this is the purpose of life (Ecc. 12:13).

2.      To fear God is to reverence Him in every aspect of your life.

a.       You seek Him first (cf. Matt. 6:33).

b.      You love Him with your whole being (cf. Matt. 22:37).

c.       You seek to honor Him in everything (cf. Col. 3:17).

B.     Why do we do what we do?

II.                He cared for the people:

A.    He did not abuse his privileges.

1.      He had a food allowance that he could have used (v. 14).

2.      However, he did not use it because he was more concerned with the needs of the people (v. 18).

B.     Also, he did not domineer over the people like the previous leaders (v. 15).

C.     Today, some people let power go to their head.

III.             He remembered his mission:

A.    He made sure that the rebuilding of the wall continued (v. 16).

B.     Sometimes, we get easily sidetracked of what our real mission is.


(1)    Will you be a leader for God?

(2)    If so, He will use you and place you in positions of authority.  How will you react?

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