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Minor Prophets - Joel

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An Overview of Joel


(1)    Joel was the son of Petheul (Joel 1.1).

(a)    His name means “Jehovah is God.”

(b)    He was a prophet to Judah.

(c)    He was a man of deep religious feeling and of great morals.

(d)   He has been called the “prophet of pentecost.”

(2)    Date: 830 B.C.

(3)    Message of the book: Repentance


I.                   Doom is Coming (Joel 1-2.1-17)

A.    God is a God of warnings.

1.      Gen. 6.3 – Warning about the flood

a.       Noah – Preacher of righteousness (2 Pet. 2.5)

b.      Given 120 years to repent

2.      2 Pet. 3.9 – God is patient and does not wish that any would perish

B.     Here, Joel tells them of coming doom

1.      The previous locust plague was a warning (Joel 1.1-2).

a.       Much devastation (vv. 3-4)

b.      Mourning & Weeping (vv. 5-13)

c.       Nothing was left (vv. 14-16)

d.      A famine had followed (vv. 17-20)

2.      They are to sound the trumpets because another judgment was coming (2.1-17).

C.     Modern Day Application:  Judgment is Coming

II.                Hope is Coming (Joel 2.18-Joel 3.21)

A.    God is a God of second chances.

1.      Think about Old Testament Characters

2.      Think about Israel as a whole

3.      What is involved?  Repentance

a.       Absolutely Necessary (Luke 13.3)

b.      Turn to the Lord with your whole heart (Joel 2.12-13)

c.       This involves godly sorrow (2 Cor. 7.10)

(1)    More than just being sorry that you got caught

(2)    Involves “mourning” over your sins (Matt. 5.4)

d.      Good definition: A change of heart brought about by godly sorrow resulting in reformation of life and restitution wherein is possible (adapted from NB Hardeman)

B.     Joel tells them that if they repent, then:

1.      Blessings will be restores (2.18-27)

2.      Spiritual blessings in the last days (2.28-32)

a.       Reference here to the Christian Age (Acts 2.17ff.)

b.      Then will be a better day (Joel 3.1ff.)

C.  Modern Day Application: If we repent, then we will be blessed.


(1)    Time to call upon the Lord is now!

(2)    Will you come to Him and be saved?

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