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Minor Prohets - Hosea

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An Overview of Hosea


(1)    Hosea is sometimes known as “the prophet with a broken heart.”

(a)    His name means “salvation or deliverence.”

(b)    He was the son of Beeri (Hos. 1.1).

(c)    He prophesied during the time of the reign of Jeroboam II.

(2)    The date of the book is approximately 750 B.C.

(3)    During his time, Israel lived in peace and the people were very comfortable.

(4)    Let us note 3 points:


I.                   The Illustration (Hosea 1-3):

A.    Hosea had married Gomer who grew up “under the influence of idolatry and in whose character would have been planted the seeds of immorality” (Hailey 128).

B.     Once married, Gomer becomes unfaithful.

C.     They or she in her unfaithfulness had 3 children:

1.      Son – Jezreel – “God scatters/sows”

2.      Daughter – Lo-ruhamah – “No Pity”

3.      Son – Lo-ammi – “Not my people”

D.    Hosea goes and buys back his wife and forgives her.

1.      Lo-ruhamah has been changed to “mercy is shown.”

2.      Lo-ammi has been change to “my people.”

II.                The Explanation (Hosea 4-14):

A.    Israel grew up under the influence of Baal worship, but was chosen by God to become His people.

B.     Afterwards, Israel became unfaithful and played the spiritual harlot and engaged in Baal worship along with a host of other sins.

C.     God, having every right not to forgive, chose to show mercy and bought back Israel as again His people.

III.             The Application:

A.    We grew up in an environment of sin but have been “chosen” by God to be a Christian.

B.     Oftentimes, we become unfaithful and again return to the slavery of sin.

C.     In such times, God still loves and shows mercy and is willing to forgive (1 John 1.9).


            Will you return to God and be forgiven?

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