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James #8- If Tomorrow Never Comes

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“If Tomorrow Never Comes”

Text:  James 4.13-17

Thesis:  To emphasize the importance of including God in our daily/future plans.


(1)    What are your future plans?

(2)    Let us note the importance of including God in our plans:


I.                   Life is Uncertain (v. 13)

A.    The best of plans can be altered when “life happens.”

B.     There is only one certainty: God is.

II.                Life is Short (v. 14)

A.    The only second that we are guaranteed is this very second.

B.     Hence, today is the most important day and we should get everything in order now.

III.             Life is according to the will of God (vv. 15-17)

A.    God must be included in every decision because He is involved in every decision.

B.     Omitting God from our plans is a sin.


(1)    Again, what are your future plans?

(2)    Be sure that they include God!

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