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Hope from Hebrews #24 - An Unshakable Kingdom

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Text: Hebrews 12:25-29

Thesis: To stress the necessity of being in God’s Kingdom in order to overcome.


(1)   Fact: Those who rejected Moses were punished.

(2)   Fact: Jesus is greater than Moses and those who reject Him will certainly be punished.

(3)   Fact: When Jesus comes again, only those who are a part of His Kingdom will overcome.

(4)   Therefore, let us note what we must do in order to ensure that we are ready:


I.                   First, let us listen to and obey Jesus’ words.

A.    Today, God has spoken through Jesus (Heb. 1:2).

B.     Jesus is His final revelation and if we don’t listen to Him, then there will not be any other opportunity.

C.     Hence, we must accept all of His teachings.

II.                Second, let us be thankful and continually worship God.

A.     When we consider God’s making salvation possible, we cannot help but to be thankful.

B.     With this mindset, we should continually show our gratitude in our worship of and service to God.

1.      Worship – with reverence and awe (cf. John 4:24)

2.      Rom. 12:2 – offer bodies as a living sacrifice


-          Are you a part of the unshakable kingdom?

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