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Hope from Hebrews #19 - Faith is the Victory

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Text: Hebrews 11:1-40

Thesis: To examine Biblical faith and its reward.


(1)   If we are going to avoid the judgment discussed in Heb. 10:26-31, then we must live by faith.

(2)   Let us seek to understand what faith is and why it is necessary.


I.                   Faith Defined (vv. 1-3, 6):

A.    ‘Is’ – “In the Greek the verb ‘is’ (estin) is the first word. Faith is a present and continuing reality. It is not simply a virtue sometimes practiced in antiquity. It is a living thing, a way of life the writer wishes to see continued in the practice of his readers” (EBC).

B.     ‘Substance’ (Gr. hypostasis) – “there are realities for which we have no material evidence though they are not the less real for that. Faith enables us to know that they exist and, while we have no certainty apart from faith, faith does give us genuine certainty” (EBC).

C.     ‘Evidence’ (Gr. elenchus) – “adds to the simple idea of assurance a suggestion of influences operating to produce conviction which carry the force of demonstration. The word often signifies a process of proof or demonstration. So von Soden: ‘a being convinced. Therefore not a rash, feebly-grounded hypothesis, a dream of hope, the child of a wish’” (from Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament, Electronic Database. Copyright (c) 1997 by Biblesoft).

D.    ‘Things not seen’ – “include everything in the whole area of faith, the creation of the universe, the incarnation of Christ, the judgment of the world by the deluge, the second advent of Christ, the final judgment, the ultimate reception by every man of the destiny, good or bad, that shall be assigned to him by God's enforcement of universal judgment, founded on justice and mercy.  Unseen things are very strongly emphasized in this chapter, and repeated reference to them is made” (Coffman).

E.     Faith in what (v. 6)?

1.      God’s Existence

2.      God’s Promises

II.                Faith Illustrated (vv. 4-5, 7-12, 17-38):

A.    Enoch (v. 5)

B.     Noah (v. 7)

C.     Abraham (vv. 8-12, 17-22)

D.    Moses (vv. 23-29)

E.     Joshua and the Israelites and the walls of Jericho (v. 30)

F.      Rahab (v. 31)

G.    Others (vv. 32-38)

III.             Faith Rewarded (vv. 13-16, 39-40):

A.    We receive the promise that others did not get to enjoy (vv. 39-40).

B.     In other words, we receive the homeland after which they were seeking (i.e., the heavenly country; vv. 13-16).


(1)   Indeed, faith is the victory!

(2)   Are you living by faith?

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