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Hope from Hebrews #17 - Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice

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Text: Hebrews 10:1-18

Thesis: To note the need for and the results of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice.


(1)   Man’s greatest problem is sin and man’s greatest need is salvation.

(2)   Let us note that salvation is found only in Jesus.


I.                   The Problem of Imperfection (vv. 1-4):

A.    Imperfect Cleansing

B.     Imperfect Conscience

II.                The Solution for Imperfection (vv. 5-9):

A.    Divine Dialogue

1.      Quotes Psa. 40:6-8 from the LXX

2.      Paraphrase – “My Father, the OT sacrifices have proven satisfactory, so you have prepared a body for me, that I might become a pleasing sacrifice” (R.K. Hughes 2:23)

B.     Divine Disposition

III.             The Results of Perfection (vv. 10-18):

A.    Empowerment

B.     Forgiveness


(1)   Your sins have been forgiven by the blood of Christ!

(2)   Will you accept Jesus and allow His blood to cleanse your sins?

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